Activist: Obama Could Legally Grant Exec Amnesty to 10 Million Illegals

Activist: Obama Could Legally Grant Exec Amnesty to 10 Million Illegals

Pro-amnesty activists and lawyers are pushing Obama to give executive amnesty to up to ten million illegal immigrants.

Marielena Hincapie, the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, told BuzzFeed that by using extreme hardship waivers and drastically expanding “parole in place” and Obama’s temporary amnesty program, Obama, by executive fiat, can give amnesty to nearly everyone who would have received it under the Senate’s bill.

“We believe he has strong legal footing to provide broad and expansive relief like the 9 to 10 million in the Senate bill,” she said. “As long as the administration can develop a clear set of criteria like family ties or ties to the U.S. workforce, I can see that businesses would want workers to be included even if they don’t have citizen family members.”

Lorella Praeli of United We Dream, another pro-amnesty group, said Obama should give amnesty to “people who have community ties to the United States.” She was less optimistic than Hincapie, telling the outlet that “6 to 8 million people could be protected.” Erika Andiola, the DREAMer who confronted Rep. Steve King (R-IA) last week, said Obama should “expand deferred action to as many people as possible.”

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has also given Obama a six-page wish list on executive actions that essentially asked Obama to give amnesty to nearly everyone who would be covered under the Senate’s comprehensive amnesty bill.

Obama is reportedly considering giving temporary amnesty and work permits to millions of illegals as left-wing activists keep pushing him to “go big.”

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