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Book Tour Costs Hillary Big Leads Over Potential GOP Rivals

Book Tour Costs Hillary Big Leads Over Potential GOP Rivals


After a book tour and summer season of gaffes, missteps and backtracks during her clumsy book tour, a new poll shows that Hillary Clinton’s once-insurmountable lead over her potential GOP 2016 presidential contenders has slipped considerably. The former Secretary of State is also below 50% for the first time.

Currently, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll, Clinton’s lead with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is 47% to 41%. That’s down, though, from a 53% to 42% lead in April– a drop of 7 points.

 Against Jeb Bush, a 55% to 39% lead slipped 9 points to just 48% – 41%. In April, Clinton was up 14 points when matched up with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, 54% to 40%. Today she’s up only 6 points, 48% to 42%.

Hillary can take some comfort in the fact that after a brutal season she is still ahead of the game. However, what she’s been through this summer is nothing close to an actual presidential campaign. A few dings from a national political media that is predisposed to give her every benefit of the doubt has taken quite a toll. The fact that she’s dipped below 50 also means that she’s not inevitable.

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