'We Got Beaten': President Obama Concedes Democrat's Drubbing in the Mid-Terms

'We Got Beaten': President Obama Concedes Democrat's Drubbing in the Mid-Terms

President Obama still loves his job, even though his party lost both houses of Congress in the recent mid-term elections.

When asked by CBS’s Bob Schieffer about his reaction to the Democrat’s drubbing by Republicans, Obama admitted that “we got beaten” and smiled broadly.

But Obama appeared not to be worried about Republicans taking control of Congress, even though he resisted giving Republicans any signal that his political agenda would change. 

“Let me tell you, Bob, I love this job,” he explained, reminding Schieffer that even his name and background was proof that he loved politics.

“If your name is Barack Hussein Obama, you–you had to have liked politics in order to get into this office,” he said.

Obama admitted that people in his administration could do more to communicate his agenda to politicians of both parties.

“People don’t automatically come beating to your door. We’ve got to sell it, we’ve got to reach out to the other side and, where possible, persuade,” he said.

He added that he was disappointed sometimes that media didn’t report his successes in handling major problems, including a rapidly improving economy.

“I still consider this the best job on earth, and I’m going to try to squeeze every last ounce of–of possibility and–and the ability to do good out of this job in these next two years,” he concluded.

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