WaPo: McAuliffe’s One Handgun-A-Month Purchase Limit ‘Modest’

Last week, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) proposed a one handgun-a-month purchase limit. Three days later, The Washington Post said this and other McAuliffe gun control proposals were “modest.”

Breitbart News previously reported that McAuliffe’s other proposals included new justifications for revoking concealed carry weapons permits (CCWs), ending private gun sales at guns shows, controlling the way gun show vendors advertise their products, prohibiting firearm possession “for persons subject to protective orders,” and prohibiting gun possession “for misdemeanor domestic violence offenders.”

WaPo sees all of these as “modest” and reminds readers that  McAuliffe “himself a gun owner.” In other words, he is just like other Virginians and would never do anything to infringe one’s ability to exercise Second Amendment rights.

WaPo says the fact that the GOP-dominated General Assembly immediately came out against McAuliffe’s proposals is less a reflection of the will of Virginians and more a result of the NRA’s continuing “overwhelming influence” in the state.

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