Photo Series: Texas Women and The Guns They Carry

Photographer Shelley Carlton has created a new photo series showing Texas women and the guns they carry.

Titled, “Concealed,” the series contains Texas women posing with their favorite handgun near their homes, in the fields on their farm or ranch, in the businesses where they work, or with one arm wrapped around their child.

According to Mail Online, Carlton said: “A large percentage of the women that I photographed for ‘Concealed’ have a license to carry concealed on their body. Some keep [guns] in their homes locked in a safe or in their bedside table.” She added: “Some received guns passed on through their families. Others choose to own handguns due to their personal experiences, perhaps they have been threatened or attacked. [And] a few of them because their loved ones want them to be able to defend themselves if needed.”

Carlton photographs them all. She meets them “through a network of friends” and captures images of a Texas woman with a six-gun on her hip, another with a laser sight on her semi-automatic, and still another with a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 drawn from her purse.

Carlton asks them if they are “prepared to pull the trigger to protect [themselves] or [their] loved ones,” and the answer is “yes.”

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