Huckabee Blasts Obama, ‘Still in Denial About the Threat We Face’

GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee says President Obama is in denial about ISIS following his statements on the terrorist organization.

“President Obama is still in denial about the threat we face from ISIS. The President admitted that ISIS is filling a ‘void’ in the region, but failed to mention why the void exists in the first place: The Obama Administration refused to leave a residual force in Iraq and then dismissed ISIS as a ‘jayvee team,'” Huckabee stated.

The presidential candidate added Obama continues to call the terrorists “violent extremists” and not identify them by their ideology – radical Islam.

“This is about as intellectually dishonest as it gets from Washington. Jihadists are slaughtering civilians by the tens of thousands and would kill millions if they could,” Huckabee added.

He concluded:

There was nothing new in President Obama’s glorified photo-op at the Pentagon.  The Obama Administration promised to train 5,400 moderate rebels per year to fight ISIS.  Yet less than 100 are being trained.  What will it take for President Obama to abandon his weak, incremental escalation in the Middle East and finally take the fight to ISIS?

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