Larry Lessig to Breitbart: Democrats Changed the Rules to Exclude Me

Harvard Law School professor Larry Lessig told Breitbart News Daily on Thursday morning that Democrats had excluded him from the presidential race to protect the “coronation” of Hillary Clinton.

Lessig, who had made campaign finance reform the focus of his candidacy, recently dropped out of the race for the Democratic Party nomination, accusing the party of changing the rules for inclusion in the upcoming Nov. 14 debate.

According to Lessig, he was about to qualify under a standard that required a 1% threshold in the last three polls. But a new requirement that the polls be conducted in the past six weeks made it impossible for him to qualify.

“Do the Democrats want an outsider on that stage? I think the Democrats look at the incredible power of the three outsiders on the Republican stage, and the establishment Democrats say, you know, ‘We don’t want that trouble on that stage’.”

Lessig vowed to continue the fight against corruption and cronyism. “This race is not over,” he said. He commented that the public’ remains frustrated with Congress and with politics in general, and that the frustration was still seeking the right candidate to channel it.

Lessig, a Democrat, agreed with host Stephen K. Bannon that there was some overlap between his views and Republicans who are fighting for a more open political system.



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