Armstrong Williams Slams Wall Street Journal’s ’Sloppy, Shoddy, Journalism’ After Story On Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson’s business manager Armstrong Williams is denouncing the Wall Street Journal for publishing an article questioning Dr. Ben Carson’s biography.

Williams described the story as “sloppy and shoddy journalism” during an interview with Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius/XM’s Breitbart News Daily this morning.

He hinted that there appeared to be a collision between reporters who wanted to back each other up against a candidate like Carson.

“I sometimes think they have friends at Politico who find themselves in the crosshairs of these stories, being questioned about their credibility and I think sometimes because of the relationships they try to write stories, because it doesn’t become left or right for them it become stories that support someone they have a relationship with,” he said, referring to other stories from Politico and CNN that questioned Carson’s book.

Williams said that it was understandable if the media reported something about Carson’s biography, but only if it was legitimately relevant to the presidential race. He also added further editorial advice.

“If they’re not sure – if your not certain about what your about to publish then you should kill the story,” he added.

Williams said the flock of stories questioning Carson’s record was a result of a growing concern from the media establishment of upstart candidates like Donald Trump and Carson.

“I think deep down, they also have the same philosophy, that Donald Trump and Dr. Carson are threats to the establishment,” Williams said, calling the pair of candidates “reformers” who would “upset the apple cart and their gravy train.”

Listen to the full interview from Breitbart News Daily below:

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