Kellyanne Conway On Shrieking Rubio Girl: ‘I Half-Expected Her To Throw Her Panties At Him On The Stage’

Kellyanne Conway, pollster and president of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) aligned Super PAC “Keep the Promise” talked to Breitbart News Daily about the shrieking Marco Rubio fan at Thursday’s CNN debate, saying, “I half-expected her to throw her panties at him on the stage.”

“He’s already seen by many voters as not a serious candidate,” Conway said. “I think when you have shrieking girls in the audience, I half-expected her to throw her panties at him on the stage, it doesn’t help him because it plays into this non-serious not quite ready for primetime.”

“He’s got to be careful because he’s often seen by some voters as not serious, as immature, as a little bit naive,” she added. “Rubio and Cruz are only five months apart, but focus group after focus group and poll after poll Cruz is seen as much older and much more experience as Rubio.

Reporters and viewers of Thursday’s CNN debate took to Twitter to also complain about the Rubio screamer.

Hear the interview:

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