Kellyanne Conway: Political Loyalties of Mueller Team ‘Relevant’

kellyanne conway
AP/Evan Vucci

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway believes that Americans should know about the political alignments of lawyers on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

“People should know what folks paths and motivations and political motivations are,” Conway said on Fox and Friends Friday Morning.

She called attention to five members of Mueller’s six person team for donating money to Democratic candidates.

“These are significant donations by members of that team, they clearly wanted the other person to win,” Conway said.

She admitted that it “remains to be seen” whether their political loyalties would taint the findings of the investigation, but that Americans should be aware of their loyalties.

Conway accused Democratic congressional investigators of spending more time on TV, than actually presiding over the Russia investigative hearings.

“The investigations have stalled because you know, where is this going if you are going to keep opening up every chute and ladder and Pandora’s box and the president has made clear this is a witch-hunt,” she said.

Law enforcement officials on the Democratic side appeared furious by the suggestion that Mueller’s investigation was compromised.

“There is NO basis to question the integrity of Mueller or those serving with him in the special counsel’s office. And no conflicts either,” former Attorney General Eric Holder, who served former President Obama wrote on Twitter.