Jeb Bush on the Trump Era: ‘It Feels Like the Whole World Has Turned Upside Down’

Failed Republican presidential primary candidate Jeb Bush has given his verdict on President Trump’s first six months in office, saying, “It feels like the whole world’s been turned upside down.”

The former Florida governor made the remarks during a short interview in his office with Univision, in which he discussed a number of topics, including how he saw his former primary rival’s first months in office.

“It’s exhausting. I mean, it’s an incomplete grade in the sense that not much has been done but it feels like the whole world’s been turned upside down,” he said.

Bush, who was famously nicknamed “low energy” by Trump during the feisty primary campaign, accused Trump of creating controversy “where there’s no need for it.”

“He should lead. And all of his tweeting and the pushing down people to make himself look better is not helping,” he said.

Bush said that Trump has not yet faced a major crisis — apparently ignoring the escalating situation in North Korea. Showing his more noble side, Bush said he prays for Trump and his family, adding: “I hope he assumes the mantle of leadership that he has not yet done,” he said.

Asked about whether he supports Trump’s recently unveiled immigration bill, Bush said that while he doesn’t support cutting legal immigration in half as the bill does, he says he does support narrowing the people coming in by family petition. But he said he believes that that reduction would then allow the U.S. to expand the number of people coming in for economic purposes.

“We have shortages of labor in agriculture, the hospitality industry, the high-tech sectors where we‘re not taking people’s jobs away, we are creating an economic opportunity for them if we are strategic as  Canada and Australia have been.”

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