Florida Woman Forced to Remove ‘Toot for Trump’ Sign with ‘National Anthem’ Phrase

A Florida woman who pitched a sign supporting President Trump on her property for more than a year said the county ordered her to remove her sign after she added a phrase stating that she supports the national anthem.

Elaine Simmons, 72, of Minneola, said she had not received complaints about her “Toot for Trump” sign for more than a year–until she added the phrase “Proud to be an American. We stand for the national anthem” last month, Fox News reported.

“To me, if you can’t stand for the national anthem and represent the flag for which your veterans have given you freedom, then you need to buy a one-way ticket to somewhere,” Simmons told WOFL.

Simmons said shortly after she posted a picture of her sign on Facebook, the county told her the sign violated code.

Lake County only allows signs in residential areas if they are part of a homeowner’s association, a bed and breakfast, or “temporary” signs that stay up for no longer than 90 days, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Lake County issued the code violation October 9 after someone complained to the county.

“No one complained about it until after I put up … that ‘we stand for the national anthem,'” said Simmons.

The attacks against Simmons’ sign did not end there. She discovered that vandals attacked her sign with the phrase “Grab ’em by the pussy” a few days after the county notified her of the code violation.

Simmons stated that she removed the graffiti from the sign but said she would take it down to abide by the county’s order, which mandated that she remove the sign within 14 days.

“I’m going to lay low,” she said. “I don’t have the resources to fight this.”

Other Trump supporters ordered by their counties to remove their pro-Trump signs have decided to fight back. In September, a Maine woman claimed she would rather go to jail than remove her Trump sign.

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