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Get Your Red Hot Abortions….


Having watched the waves of hate mail flood in from the last video, I’ve decided to take on a more mellow topic this week in “abortion.” What can I say, I’m thoughtful in that way.

[youtube 5atn-FwfNQM nolink]

Ever notice how leftists make abortions seem like an “event”? It’s presented as a sort of “fun for the whole family” affair. That’s why they opt to use words and phrases such as “choice” and “women’s health” instead of “kill” or “jamming scissors.” I say, we flip it on them. Instead of calling them “liberals,” let’s call them “Baby-killing, family-destroying, self-serving, Tim Robbins-loving, Biden-muzzling, socialist jackasses.”

See how easy it can be to pull the old switcheroo?

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