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Burnt Offerings: Beyond the Call of Duty

Tonight was a shining night – a night brought to us by humble, sincere men, in honor of men and women whose humility, courage, and selfless acts light up the darkness that sometimes surrounds us. Acts, that have defined each generation’s responsibility to the next. Being amongst these men of Valor – men, whose character and love of God and Country are etched into their souls like the monument of Mount Rushmore – men, who have sacrificed with their blood – men, who have defended our freedoms when there were no cameras around to catch them in the act – men, who cherish DEMOCRACY and want to see it preserved – men, whom we should visit, look on, sit with, interview, and ask for advice…instead of South American dictators — men, whose faces should be worn by our youth, instead of the latest in chic CHE Guevara fashion – – men, who my eight-year-old son instinctually knew he wanted to meet — men, who upon meeting my eight-year-old son told him it will be in his generation’s hands someday to protect our nation – men, whose humility and courage brought tears to the eyes of all in the room – men, who know the greatness of AMERICA – men, who ask nothing for themselves but give all for the country they love — being amongst these men of Valor — goes straight to the heart and points the way for us to take example from – for while we may not all have the privilege – honor or courage to serve in the military, they are a shining example of how we can better serve each other. Tonight – the Reagan Library was truly a shining city on the hill.

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