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Lonewolf Diaries: Why Atheism is a "Mental Handicap"


Notice how I avoided using the word “Retarded?” I’ve seen that many conservatives have developed a sudden hyper-sensitivity for the disabled this week, so I’ve opted to tread lightly.

The truth is that atheism is literally a “retarded” philosophy in the sense that it is very “late to the table” in its thinking. Atheists will tell you that religion impedes the progress of man. To that I say “Poppycock!”, and that atheism has no place in a civilized society. Think I’m wrong? Let me know, amigos.

…Yes, I used the word “poppycock,” and no I don’t wear a monocle.

The biggest problem with atheism is that it’s a philosophy which, at its very core, diminishes the value of life. If we were simply spawned from a puddle of gook, human life has no intrinsic value. Human worth is ultimately left up to societal circumstances, and that’s never a good thing… Especially if said society is Hollywood.

Ah, Hollywood. It is a silly place. It’s also the largest gathering of practicing atheists around. Whether these folks claim to believe in “God” or not, their religion is hedonism with their ultimate nirvana being self-pleasure. They hold themselves accountable to no one. Not to their spouses (as displayed by the divorce rate), not to themselves (as displayed by the constant substance abuse and self-destructive behavior) and certainly not to God.

I don’t care how many times you thank “the spirit in the sky” at an awards ceremony; if you’re living your life answerable to nobody, you’re an atheist.

Hollywood also follows lockstep with atheism in being an elitist group that believes it holds “all the answers.” To be an atheist, is to say that there is nothing that can’t be explained by current science. “We MUST know that God is an impossibility… Because we know everything.” Is it illogical? Of course. There are holes in the religion of atheism more cavernous than Julia Roberts cakehole, folks. But who really cares? Since when has Hollywood given a damn about logic? Just like atheists, as far as Hollywood is concerned; “As long as your worldview doesn’t affect my ability to do what I want, when I want, regardless of cause and effect… We’re good, compadre!”

Atheism of course works well with Hollywood liberalism from a social standpoint. Morally speaking, when human life is deemed to serve no greater purpose, topics such as abortion and embryonic stem cell research become non-issues. These outlooks always sit well with the Hollywood folk who would love nothing more than to live their lives consequence free, with the absence of any finger-pointing judgment.

Atheists out there, am I wrong? I can’t say that I fully grasp your thought process, so feel free to slap me around here.

I’m not saying that there aren’t some decent atheists out there, so don’t get me wrong. I am saying however, that when you employ a philosophy which forces you to become a product of your environment, you better be damn sure that it’s the right environment… And if you look around to find that Sean Penn is an integral part of your surroundings, you can bet that you’re on the wrong track.

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