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'Chuck' Teaches Us Not To Leave Our Gun At Home

The TV series “Chuck” this last week had some dialogue on the benefits of carrying one’s gun with them (Chuck Versus the Predator). Chuck (Zachary Levi) formulated a mission at the Buy More electronic store and insisted the team — Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) — not carry guns. Chuck then gets captured by a Fulcrum Agent…

Fulcrum Agent: (speaking to Chuck, Casey, and Sarah) You get one chance — drop your guns.

Chuck: Um, sir, they don’t have any guns. I personally put this mission together and I forbade them from packing.

Fulcrum Agent: (mystified) Why would you do that?

Chuck: (making things up as he went) I don’t know, I think that guns make things too easy, and I like my spies to be tough. Look, you’re not going to shoot anyone, right?

Fulcrum Agent: It would be unprofessional not to.

[Casey pulls out a gun and shoots Fulcrum Agent]

Chuck: You had a gun?

Casey: I always have a gun.

A lesson some might learn the hard way. Other Americans are glad they’ve had the same attitude Casey had about carrying their guns with them (for examples from this week see here, here, and here).

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