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Silly Canadians! (Featuring Jean-Pierre Lafitte)


Watching this video, I know that many of you will have a few questions; “Canadians dislike Americans?”, “Why do they speak so weirdly?” and of course “… There’s a country to the North of us?” As merely a half-Canuck, I’m afraid that I cannot answer all of these questions. You’ll have to head up to the Great White North and find out for yourself. Folks, Canada is a great place to visit but (despite what Obama will tell other nations), there is no greater land than the U.S of A. and I’m grateful to live here… It’d be better if we could boot Sean Penn, though.

[youtube JOb-6XpIJ2Q nolink]

Note: If you do decide to visit, Beware the Canadian brew… Moonshine’s got nothing on that business.

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