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Lonewolf Diaries: "Violence Doesn't Solve Problems…"


… Bull Crap. Listen, violence freed the slaves, took down the axis of evil and still manages to fix every remote control that I’ve ever owned. More recently, the use of force quickly brought an end to the escapades of a few Somali jackasses. Three shots fired, three men dead… And there was much rejoicing. To those of you still teaching the “violence doesn’t solve problems” myth to your kids… What are you thinking? Does anyone out there truly believe this insane rhetoric?

I find it funny that Hollywood leftists are the ones who’ve been pushing this ideal down our throats with one hand, while simultaneously producing the most brutally vile, “creative content” with the other. Libs love to paint Middle American conservatives as “Gun toting Neo-Cons with a thirst for violence,” yet more often than not, it’s those people who boycott their gratuitous, self-indulgent, crap-fests that they call films. Does anyone here honestly think that “Seung-Hi Choi” went on his Virginia-Tech shooting spree after getting fired up at an NRA rally? His pre-massacre phone-pictures showed him mimicking poses that he’d seen in “Tomb Raider” for crying out loud. Only in the United States could an entity such as Hollywood coin the term “Torture-Porn” for their content one moment, only to condemn a righteous war the next.

The truth is that Hollywood only has a problem with violence when it’s carried out with a distinct sense of right and wrong. Awesome 80’s cartoons like “G.I Joe” cease to exist because they were too “black and white.” Teaching children that the men of our military are “American Heroes” is part of an archaic ideal and apparently dangerous.

As soon as the little tykes hit their mid-teens however, they can look forward to a myriad of films combining the adrenaline rush of murder, with a simultaneous endorphin-release from sexual arousal. It’s totally cool though because we don’t know who the bad guy really is. It’s not a shoot-em-up… It’s a study of humanity, don’t ya know.

Folks, let me just re-iterate something that everyone already knows; When it comes to tyrants, violence is the only answer. Period. We should use this most recent example as a tool to teach our children the Dirty Harry philosophy in that there’s “Nothing wrong with a little shooting… As long as the right people get shot.”

The world is full of bullies, and rather than do our children a disservice by dancing around the truth, we should teach them how to beat these jerks to the punch (literally). When my kid comes home with his first bully problem, I won’t be leaving him ill-prepared for the world by giving him the old sissified, “Well, you need to use your words” speech. I’ll lay it down for him bluntly (as my dad did for me and as all parents should):

“Listen, son. You can go tell your teachers, but they won’t do very much and the kid’s probably just going to bully you even more. The same goes for the school Principal and the PTA. What you need to do, is walk right up to that punk, and punch him in the nose as hard as you possibly can. Now come, let me teach you a couple of take-downs.”

Preaching the wonders of properly-employed use of force to our kids is not only honest… It’s our duty in preparing them for the real world. If you think I’m wrong… Well, you’re probably a pansy, so what do I care?

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