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Lonewolf Diaries: Barack Obama is "Not My President"


I know, I know. It’s cliche and trust me, I hated the punks/celebrities who wore those slogan t-shirts throughout the Bush administration as much as the rest of you. The day Obama was elected, like many of you I told myself “Well, I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my President and I’ll support him.” A few months later, times have changed and I feel the need to officially declare that Barack Obama is “Not My President.” If you disagree, feel free to smack me around a little. If you feel the same way put your John Hancock down below and make your voice heard.

Seeing as the “Green Day Liberals/American Idiots” started the whole “Bush is not my President” schtick and their new album is dropping this week, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to issue a retort. Granted, the men of Green Day have had to overcome a lot to attain the success they enjoy today. It’s not every day that a group of legally-declared midgets can produce platinum-selling albums. Folks, I can give credit where credit is due. Rather than accept this success on behalf of the “little people” however, Green Day (along with other generic punk bands) had to start the “not my President” crusade against their commander in chief during a time of war. Punk bands even collectively put out the “Rock Against Bush” album which was eyebrow-raisingly sympathetic towards our enemies. Some would call it treason, I call it “a-bunch-of-uneducated-toolbags-playing-power-chords-in-an-attempt-to-brainwash-the-youth-of-America.”

Considering that “fascism” was the justification for the punk-rock community’s public hatred of the former-president, one has to imagine how they feel today. Their own liberal buddies are in charge of everything from the White House, Congress and Senate to the mainstream media. Combine that with the biggest government takeover of private companies that we’ve ever seen (along with the biggest spending increase, of course), and I’m starting to think that maybe a “Rock Against Obama” album might hold a little more water. I wouldn’t expect to see that from Green Day however, for one reason only; These people are idiots. I’m talking borderline Biden-esque in their level of stupidity.

Folks, I support Barack Obama “the President,” really I do. Whether I voted for him or not, he was elected as our Commander in Chief. When one looks at the actual DUTIES of a president however (which is in short; To preserve and protect the Constitution), anyone with a brain (barring some kind of Sean Penn-type learning disability) can see that Obama has gone far beyond the parameters of his calling.

When Barack Obama tries to continually weasel his ever-expanding government into the private sector or does something like try to sneak the biggest backdoor tax in history into the books, he ceases to be “Presidential.” When Barack Obama acts with complete disregard for the Constitution (and American principles) he is no longer Barack Obama the president, he becomes Barack Obama… “the man.” I would even go as far as to say a very bad one. Yes Napolitano, you heard correctly. Come and get me toots.

Let’s say for a second, that you hired a plumber to fix your sink, only to come home and find that he’d decided to dry-clean your clothes… And did a terrible job of it. Naturally you’d be upset and “unsupportive” of his douchebaggery. You didn’t HIRE him as a dry-cleaner, so why would you have to pay him as such or even commend his work? In the same breath, why do I need to support Barack Obama with his company takeovers and creepily intruding government?

On Presidential issues such as national security, the preservation of life etc., I’ll support Barack Obama with all of my heart.

As for all of his other shenanigans… Well, I think it’s time to “Rock Against Obama.”

Who’s with me?

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