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Lonewolf Diaries: Europe Sucks. There, I Said It.


Yes, you heard me. “Screw Europe,” I say to you. With all of this “repairing of international relations” going on, the press (along with every “Green Day Liberal” in the Western hemisphere) seem to be getting quite giddy. Finally we’ll be more like the Europeans and maybe, just maybe, that will allow us to be on better footing with them. To all of you I ask… Why?

Why on EARTH would the United States ever want to be more like Europe? Correct me if I’m wrong, but we left, did we not? Not only did we leave that older, lesser world behind, but we left skid-marks along the way with an entire continent eating our proverbial dust. Those were good times… Not to mention the asskickery that followed suit.

The truth is we’ve been doing things far better than Europe for centuries. We’ve built a stronger military and a much more dynamic economy than any of our European counterparts… And we’ve done it in record time. We left the world’s greatest superpowers one century only to blaze past them the next.

To be fair, times have changed and some European nations have been tremendous allies to the U.S.A. For that, they should be thanked and praised. That still doesn’t change the fact, however, that I don’t see a single country out there to which I could point and say “We need to be more like that!”

One could even argue that the United States is facing its current hardships because we’ve become more and more like old Europe. Even under “Republican” administrations we have continued to relinquish an unreasonable amount of control to the federal government. If there has ever been a bigger power grab reminiscent of old royalty than the one we’ve had in recent months (or years), I’ve never seen it… How’s that been working out for us?

If appeasing other nations means that we need to begin acting like them, you can count me out. Not only will I never be “culturally sensitive” to a people who use their left hand like a roll of Charmin, but I will never adopt a national ideology as my own that includes taking control of private enterprise or removing personal liberties.

For people who seem so hell-bent on multiculturalism, why can’t liberals understand that free enterprise/freedom is a part of the American Culture? I guess as far as leftists are concerned, the United States can’t qualify as a “cultured society” simply because we’ve actually created a society that works. If a civilization fails, it becomes a study of the human condition. If it succeeds (as the United States has), it becomes a culture-less society of capitalist pigs.

This whole “give unto us a king” mentality is really getting old. As for me, I don’t care what Green Day, the tiny Sean Penn, or the rest of the liberal elitists say; I’m proud of everything that has made this country great and I don’t think that we need to distance ourselves from it. But enough about me, what about you? Do you see any redeeming value in “going the way of Europe”? Is the destruction of a distinctively American culture worth the “love” that we’ll supposedly garner from across the globe?

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