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Lonewolf Diaries: The Truth About Dumb, Liberal Canadians and Their Lies


Now before you get all upset and point the “canuck-bashing” finger, please note that I am using the term “Dumb, Liberal Canadians” quite literally. As a matter of fact the same title can apply to dumb, liberal Americans so simmer down and hush your lips. Have you ever noticed how hell-bent Liberals are at making the United States seem inferior to other countries… to any country? Combine that with a jealous “Jan Brady” mentality that is all too commonly bred in the Great White North and my God… You’ve got a Great White Lie on your hands.

For those of you who haven’t seen the recent healthcare video, let me re-cap the one running theme throughout the piece: Canadians are MISERABLE with their healthcare. Very few Americans are aware of this and that’s because of one simple reason.

See Canadians (again we’re talking about the liberal variety here)… Like to lie. Shhh, don’t tell anybody. It’s a secret.

It’s true folks. You’ve got a jealous nation with an often-misplaced inferiority complex combined with a Canadian news media (largely owned by the government) pushing the virtues of Canadian healthcare on a regular basis. So what happens is that “nationalized healthcare” becomes the one point of pride that Canadians can lord over their American counterparts.

If you tell Canadians that you want to interview them for a critical piece on the Canadian healthcare system, they’ll put on their best trophy-wife smile for the camera and list it’s many accolades.

Catch them on a day with their guard down in need of actual care however, and the truth comes out. They run through the same old exasperated, frustrated complaints pointing out the terrible flaws in the system that they all know to be true. They know that it’s long, the quality of care is sub-par and that if they’re going in for an operation that they’re probably coming out with one less appendage than needed to be removed.

Even the employees of the system itself acknowledge it’s glaring flaws. If you ask them why things are moving along at such a painfully slow pace they’ll tell you to “ask the government” followed by the old “take a number” routine.

I’ve come under a lot of attack for this video and I’m fine with it. The problem that both Liberal Canadians and Americans alike have with the video is that it’s incredibly disarming. The truth tends to have that effect on people.

It would be easy to discredit me as a right-wing propagandist if the video consisted of nothing but me with spreadsheets and statistics, but when you have Canadians on camera expressing their true misery… That puts the kibosh on the whole “bias” card pretty quickly.

What about you, folks? What’s your general perception of the Canadian healthcare system? Do your Canadian friends present it in a positive light, or a more critical one?

I personally think that we should send Sean Penn over there to test it out. The rule: he can’t come back into the country until he gets a “free” blood-test.

Farewell and adieu…

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