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Will Steven Weber Put His Health Where His Ideology Is?


It only makes sense that if ObamaCare’s passed employers will opt out of providing private insurance and millions upon millions, 85 million by some estimates, will end up herded into the President’s public plan. But that’s okay with millionaire actor Steven Weber because he know what’s best for us he and his loved ones will never ever have to worry about being the victims of the government run health-care system he’s so eager to see the rest of us shoved into against our will. Weber’s motives don’t come off as entirely pure, either. This is an angry guy eager to stick it to the rich (who don’t work in the entertainment industry).

In fact, the greatest threat to the health of individuals in the US is the lack of a nationalized, affordable health care program. Why the spin to cast it as socialist or downright deadly? Because to some, it ain’t medicine which makes you live a better life.

It’s money.

And that’s the only reason everyone from the Blue Dog to the fair and balanced Fox (craven animals which have a tendency to lick their own testicles and consume feces — just saying) hates the idea of people paying less and ultimately becoming healthier and detached from Big Pharma’s slow drip.

Three points:

1. There’s nothing quite like someone labelling someone else as “craven” just before they launch into descriptions of testicle licking and feces consumption — just saying.

2. Do you think Canada’s awesome health-care system might benefit from the billions upon billions America’s “Big Pharma” companies invest into research and development? Leftists demonizing drug companies who have done more to improve quality of life than even 172 episodes of “Wings” is the worst kind of demagoguery. Why not just demonize the American military while you at– oh wait.

3. Anyone pushing ObamaCare but unwilling to subject themselves and their loved ones to it has zero credibility. In order to punish the wealthy (who don’t work in the entertainment industry) and enjoy a nice little ordered Utopian world, Weber and his ilk are willing to risk the health of you and yours with the DMV of Health Care Plans while they float above it all on their platinum plans. Hell, even the President won’t go on his own plan. What more do you need to know?

And who is Weber speaking for anyway? He cites a poll showing 92% of Canadians are happy with their “doctor” but doesn’t seem at all interested in a recent CNN poll showing 80% of American are happy with their health care.

I don’t believe in socialized medicine but if the poll Weber cites is accurate and Canadians are happy with what they got, I’m not going to demand they conform to my beliefs.

That would be elitist.

So, come on Weber, man up. Lobby the Screen Actors Guild to shuffle all you government lovers into ObamaCare and not only is all forgiven but I’ll save you a place in line.

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