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Another Reason to Like Chris Isaak


Red-blooded males aren’t supposed to stock their CD shelves – or iPod Shuffles – with songs by handsome crooner Chris Isaak. But I’ve got plenty of Isaak’s music spread throughout my eclectic collection – being a fan of both Dwight Yoakam and the Monkees qualifies the “eclectic” label.

It isn’t just Isaak’s retro music, a heady crush of rockabilly and no-nonsense pop that endears him to me. It’s his attitude. He’s hopelessly self deprecating, a singer with talented pipes and a movie marquee mug who never gets lost in his own hype.

He’s also smart enough to know his limitations. Just listen to him dodge a baited question from a Washington Post interviewer over the weekend.

Isaak, a San Francisco native who chatted with the paper to promote a D.C.-area gig, was asked his thoughts on California’s economic crisis.

“But I should say that I, and the rest of entertainers, don’t know a god-durned nothing about policies. We’re too busy self-aggrandizing to come up with any solutions. It’s amazing how many entertainers can find time between adopting children to tell you how to live your life.”

That’s music to my ears.

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