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'jOker': When the Left's Scared They Scream 'Racist'


Naturally those who enjoyed (and created) all the “art” and pop culture used to demonize and dehumanize George W. Bush (whoops!) are now crying “racism” with the turning of the tables. They’re worried, and this hollow cry is all they got because who knows better the power of this kind of imagery than those who have been using it for decades to further their goals of enslaving entire populations under the cruel yoke of Big Government.

Yesterday, when the “L.A. Weekly” went all crybaby over the Obama-Joker poster, they must have known that they themselves had published a cover portraying Bush as a blood-thirsty vampire. But all’s fair in love and war and this is ideological war where hypocrisy is a weapon, not something to be ashamed of.

The Left wants Obama-Joker nipped in the bud, and their goal is to stigmatize it as something racist before it shows up on t-shirts all over the country — before it catches fire.

Like Zorro with his “Z,” this artist strikes anonymously — and who can blame the desire for anonymity. No one even knows who this person is (he or she might be an Obama fan who thinks the posters are cool), and already the “R-Word” has been thrown about. Imagine if this individual is found to be anti-Obama. Remember Politico digging up dirt on a private citizen who merely asked Obama a question; the coordinated attack on Sarah Palin’s family courtesy of Hollywood and the media? Hell, Carrie Prejean agreed with Obama on gay marriage and look what they did to her. No, anonymity is probably a good idea.

Here’s another reason to stay in the shadows — a political reason:

When Obama has no one to attack, he must address the issue of his socialist policies directly, instead of attacking critics (or more accurately, using the media to do it for him). Personally, I hope the artist is a little, old, African American lady from Compton.

Personally, I hope the first person to give me a hard time over my Obama-Joker t-shirt is wearing something Leftist-approved, like something found here. That kind of irony doesn’t come along every day.

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