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GI Joe: An Obamanation


By now, everyone should know that the new film, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, is a despicable excuse for a movie. It was harshly panned by Big Hollywood as well as by me. For an action film, it is horrible, but for an American film, it is a disgrace.

Director Stephen Sommers said, “this is not a George Bush movie — it’s an Obama world.” Sounds to me that since Bush is no longer president it is supposed to legitimize the disintegration of patriotism for our armed forces. That would explain why the Joe’s are no longer the all American heroes they once were. Instead, they are a multinational task force that picks up the pieces after the USA fails.

This film represents everything President Obama worshipers stand for, which explains the lack of Americanism.GI Joe has always been a vehicle of unapologetic patriotism. What happened? Obama happened. For some reason, it now feels like multiculturalism was not acceptable until Obama was elected into office?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but our US armed forces were made up of the best men and women of all colors before Obama was elected, right?Yeah, thought so.

In a LA Times piece, Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore said, “Our starting point for this movie is not Hollywood and Manhattan but rather mid-America, there are a group of people we think are going to respond to the movie who are normally not the first priority. But we’re making them a priority.”

So by stripping Joe of his pure blooded Americansim, they are going to bank on Middle America as an audience? That doesn’t sound like a good move. Of course, many people will see this film thinking it will be some a pro-America and pro-military film. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

GI Joe obviously has a built in audience since it has been around for several decades. Fans should be offended by Hollywood’s attempt to indoctrinate them with their “Obama world” views through the lens of something that used to be American.

This film is a kick to the groin of Middle America, if there was not already enough reason to loathe the Hollywood elite, this should do it. From beginning to end, I kept saying to myself “how could they do this?” It would be one thing if this was a good action film with a misplaced title, but they can’t even give us that. They did give us a weird Brendan Fraser cameo, however.

Sommer’s went on to say, “Right from the writing stage we said to ourselves, this can’t be about beefy guys on steroids who all met each other in the Vietnam War, but an elite organization that’s made up of the best of the best from around the world.” Does that mean all action films are about beefy guys on steroids?

That might have been the case for some notable films of the 1980’s, but that isn’t the norm. Look at action star Nicholas Cage, definitely not on steroids. What about the main characters in great war films such as Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, or The Great Escape. These guys aren’t beefed up; in fact, character’s in most war films are far from Rambo lookalikes.

The filmmakers could have easily made this film without the steroid types and kept the “American Hero” theme. Instead, they decided against it because after all, “it’s an Obama world.” That only means the push for anti-Americanism is at an all time high. Just like Obama and his cronies know they only have limited time to push all their agenda’s through before people catch on, Hollywood is capitalizing on the president’s popularity in order to push “world friendly” views.

Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that, “In the U.S., the studio expected the film to do best in so-called flyover country — the term Hollywood bestows on blue-collar moviegoers in the Midwest, South, and West where the common complaint is that liberal elites don’t make movies for their “God, guns, and country” tastes.”

This is hilarious, because even though the film has a clear line of good and evil, there is nothing that “flyover country” should appreciate. The new GI Joe film is how the so-called liberal elites see patriotism. To them, it means creating a politically correct melting pot of equality where no one gets offended.

To me, this is the culmination of the reverse McCarthyism that is going on in Hollywood. They took what should turn out as a pro-American if not also conservative film, and repackaged it for the “Obama world.” Hollywood has always been a wild place, but right now, we are amidst an Obamanation.

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