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Wanda Sykes: Limbaugh Had It Coming; Still Loves Prez Who Opposes Same-Sex Marriage


At this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Wanda Sykes labeled Rush Limbaugh a terrorist and “joked” about her desire to see his kidneys fail. Not only does she not regret wishing the talk show host dead, in an interview with Metro Weekly (via: NewsBusters) she says in so many words that Limbaugh started it:

METRO WEEKLY: Do you ever worry about stepping out of bounds, about doing a joke that’s gone too far?

SYKES:I don’t worry about it. My barometer is that I don’t want to be mean spirited – just to attack someone for the sake of doing it. If you started it, I have a right to go after you. If you did something, I can go after you. But I want it to be about what you did and not just a personal attack or something.

MW: Which is where Rush Limbaugh comes in. You leveled several vicious – and I would agree in his case completely earned – jokes in his direction at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. You got some flak in the press for it. Looking back, do you regret saying those things about Limbaugh?

SYKES: Not at all.

What offends me isn’t Sykes’ tasteless can’t-lose-in-a-roomful-of-liberals attacks on Limbaugh, it’s what a gutless coward she turned out to be. Here you have a gay woman just a few feet from the Most Powerful Anti-Gay Marriage Man On The Planet and she lacked the sand to bring the issue up even once.

But this is old news.

And so is her predictable lack of regret.

Her cowardice, however, extends to this interview:

MW: It’s no secret you love the current president.

SYKES: [Warmly.] Yes.

MW: There’s been a lot of criticism leveled at the Obama administration for not moving quickly enough on gay issues. What’s your take?

SYKES: I think the criticism is justified. However, he has a lot on his plate right now and can’t solve everything [at once]. He hasn’t been in office a year yet. I say just give him some time. Of course, we should be vocal and point out and say, “When is it our turn?” But let’s not be too critical and do anything that moves us backwards.

Earth to Wanda: It’s not that President Obama has a lot on his plate right now — it’s that he opposes same-sex marriage. His plate could be as empty as the U.S. Treasury and it wouldn’t be “your turn.”

The interviewer for this self-described “GLBT Newsmagazine” doesn’t bother to challenge Sykes on this point and then Sykes’s hilariously focuses on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in order to dance around the President’s position entirely. I guess that like a Vietnam War protester acknowledging the Cambodian Holocaust, a declarative statement regarding Obama’s opposition to same-sex marriage is too psychologically confusing and painful.

Also worthy of note is Sykes’ “barometer” which is so dishonest she refuses to concede that her comments regarding Limbaugh were “mean-spirited” or even a “personal attack.” This highlights an increasingly desperate tactic we’re seeing from the Left as public support craters for their transformative agenda. The concept is simple: Label something obviously wrong as right with such matter-of-fact, unblinking confidence people start to second guess themselves.

Hopefully this tactic has been permanently exposed and dealt a considerable setback with the blowback towards Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) after their launching of unprecedented and unforgivable attacks on community organizers everyday citizens speaking out in townhall meetings…. Citizens, I might add, with the stones to do what Sykes won’t: Speak a little truth to power.

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