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Cindy Sheehan: Where Have All the Cameras Gone?


Cindy Sheehan brings Camp Casey to Martha’s Vineyard. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is as apathetic about her new protest as they are about an Afghan body count. As the President’s strategy in Afghanistan appears to be failing worse than his economic policies, and his promise to end American military involvements overseas is withering alongside health care reform, recalling those lofty promises from last year’s campaign is like looking at a marriage proposal from the other side of a Las Vegas hangover.

Outside a short article by the AP there is very little coverage of Cindy Sheehan. The woman who once couldn’t go anywhere without a spate of cameras in tow, is now wandering the streets of Martha’s Vineyard completely alone. Her name is as forgotten by the locals as Mary Jo Kopechne. This despite the Island being packed full of journalists right now; journalists who couldn’t resist an all expense paid trip to the Vineyard to cover the vacation of His Presidency. I’m fairly certain there were a lot more journalists already on the island than there were in that ditch outside of Crawford four years ago.

Which incidentally makes a great point: which President is really a “man of the people?” While President Bush did a stay-cation at his humble ranch in Texas, President Obama has decided to bring the entire family and entourage (at great expense to the US taxpayers) to one of the most exclusive vacation spots in America.

And this will probably be Sheehan’s downfall. There really wasn’t much expense camping out in a ditch (along with hundreds of supporters) but there is a really good chance, that the Vineyard’s Finest will eventually ask her to leave the island. I highly doubt there are going to be any wealthy supporters buying her a piece of property to pitch a tent this time around.

Most remarkably silent is the once anti-war Huffington Post. As of this writing, there is not a single mention of Cindy Sheehan visiting Martha’s Vineyard on the entire website. When Cindy set up camp in Crawford four years ago the HuffPo was on fire. Bloggers even dedicated an entire day to cover the grieving woman, who just wanted peace in memory of her son. In fact, Big Hollywood blogger, Greg Gutfeld, wrote a very funny article (that is still up there, and will probably be deleted shortly) about how he was the only blogger who didn’t write a Cindy Sheehan piece and how it made him feel “like showing up at a costume party, and everyone [else] came dressed as a blood-sucking ghoul!”

If there ever was a need to prove the bias of the Left and the media, this is certainly it. Most of us knew the fascination with Sheehan was politically motivated. Those protests had nothing to do with the war. They were about bringing down the President. And the saturation coverage by the media had nothing to with current events, it was activism disguised as news.

Meanwhile, in the face of 10% unemployment and multi-trillion dollar deficits, their handpicked successor to the White House has done something that everybody thought was impossible: He’s made America nostalgic for President Bush.

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