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CBS Early Show: 'Friends Defend Polanski'


[youtube ymc6LDd1QPg nolink]

Wow. That is quite a moment in the “60 Minutes” interview when director Roman Polanski says of the 13 year-old girl he drugged, raped and sodomized:

“She wasn’t unschooled in sexual matters. She was consenting and willing…”

First off, the victim disagrees. Secondly, if she was so willing, why the Quaalude?

Polanski may be a monster, but he’s Hollywood’s Monster, and they are the rich and powerful elite in this town and that matters. And what does it say about Polanski’s defenders in both the entertainment industry and media that they consider his living luxuriously in Europe as “a horrible, soul-wrenching price for the infamy surrounding his actions“?

No one can see into Polanski’s wrenching soul, so maybe that’s true. But to those of us who are not morally illiterate, child rapists are supposed to wrench their souls behind bars, not while being the toast of Europe.

I’m guessing Polanski’s next move will be to make a statement supporting universal health care for all Americans. That should pretty well cover his left flank.

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