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Lonewolf Diaries: Leftists Hate Your Right to Free Speech



I know, I know, at first glance, the title may seem like I’m blowing things out of proportion. After all, Fox News is an isolated incident, right? Wrong. This is just another leg in a multi-pronged approach from the Obama administration to stifle dissent. (I just used some big words — which is out of character, I know — but go with me on this one.) Am I the only one who sees this as a wind of attacks looking to ultimately culminate into a “Fairness Doctrine” storm?

  1. “Those forwarding falsehoods against the health care bill” must be reported.
  2. “‘Racists’ must be silenced.”
  3. “Opinion journalism masquerading as news” must not be given legitimacy, or equal access.
  4. David Axelrod: “We won’t treat Fox News that way, and you ought not treat them that way.”

This was the administration’s equivalent to the schoolyard bully’s call for a “PILE ON!!”

Now when observed on their own, these incidents would seem inconsequential. When combined, however, one can see a pattern of attack coming from the left that I believe (hopefully, without sounding all crazy and conspiracy theorist-like) will result in the Fairness Doctrine rearing its ugly head again. I spoke about it on “Hannity” a while back, and my opinion has only been reinforced by the most recent relentless (albeit pathetic) attack on the press.

The truth is that this White House does not want to hear ANY voices other than the echo of their own timber. It’s why Obama hasn’t met with Republicans as promised, why they’ve tried to marginalize the Tea Party movement and why they’re attacking Fox News.

This White House, is creating a villain. If they don’t pass their health-care bill, they want to be able to point to the “liars” who spread the “misinformation” that ultimately led to its downfall. Right now, the villain is Fox News. Ultimately however, YOU will be the one who is targeted. Yes folks, in all reality it is “you” who are the “liars.”

Sure, we all know that this administration is systematically attempting to target and silence voices of opposition, but we have to ask ourselves, why?

As approval ratings come in, a realization is becoming painfully clear: Leftists are diametrically opposed to the views of mainstream America. But they can’t change who they are … however, they can change how you perceive them. This is why leftists run as centrists and hide their true identity while conservatives proudly shine a light on what they stand for.

Remember folks, “net neutrality” is just around the corner and the Fairness Doctrine will most likely soon follow. We’ve all got to be aware of what’s being played here. There is some good to come of this: All this fear coming from Washington D.C. means one thing… It means that we’re doing something right. Our voices have become too loud to ignore, and so they’re snapping back. History, however, has taught us that snapping back at the American people…? Not the smartest route.

I genuinely want to know what you folks think. Do you think the backfiring of the White House’s attack on Fox News is a sign of things to come? Do you think they’re going to overplay their hand here and dig their own grave? Did Sean Penn really deserve the Oscar for “Mystic River,” or was it a consolation prize for getting snubbed with “I Am Sam”?

As always, I want to hear from you, because the more we talk, the angrier they get.

Dissent… It’s a good thing.

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