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PelosiCare: Liars, Luddites and Leprechauns


Nancy Pelosi, having renamed the Public Option, the ‘Consumer Option,’ triumphantly trotted out this morning the Hose version of the Health Care Reform Bill, now called The Affordable American Health Care Bill. (“Affordable” – what does that mean, exactly? Affordable to whom?) But then Steny Hoyer proclaimed the process of crafting the bill the most open, transparent process he’s seen in over thirty years in Congress. (Really??) And finally, the President followed up on Teleprompters to announce that finally we have a bill that will cover the 36 million uninsured, not cost the taxpayers anything extra, improve the quality of our health-care system, and bring down the costs of health care. Speaker Pelosi assured us that this bill represents the principles of “…opportunity, choice, competition, and innovation.”

How can you tell when they’re lying? Their lips are moving.


They think you’re stupid. It’s understandable that they should think that, because though they may on occasion listen to you, they never really hear you. Hence, the only frame of reference for feedback on their incredibly absurd redistributive ideas, tax-and-spend proposals and unprecedented treasury-busting health care take-over bills…comes from their own constituents, the Democrats. Whoops and hollers, cheers and laughter, nods, smiles, enthusiastic ‘yes-we-cans!’… as they serve up yet another heaping portion of socialist slop you’ll be expected to grab your ankles and pay for. They think you’re stupid.

As the entire Democratic Party has now been fully commandeered by the hard Left, I wrestle daily with the following quandary: Are they evil? Or merely dense?

Anyone paying attention and not mired in self-deceit can easily see that everything the current administration and Democrat-controlled Congress is doing and attempting to do is based in Marxian principles of redistribution, government takeovers of private industry and control of the American citizenry. And anyone with just a rudimentary knowledge of basic economic principles and merely a modicum of historical perspective can see that capitalism lifts up and advances any civilization it touches; whereas socialism degrades quality of life by enriching the government as it dis-empowers the individual. Freedom-loving people worldwide have been battling these statist oppressors throughout the millennia. The failure of a modern American voting populace to intellectually link the smiling promises of today’s ‘free’ lunch with the blood, death and horror of tyrants of the past is to shame us all with a new definition of national myopia.

They’re lying to us. A bill crafted behind closed doors, excluding participation by the opposition party, the Republicans, and rejecting all alternative ideas about health care reform like freedom to shop insurance plans interstate? Or TORT reform, so that doctors don’t have to practice defensive medicine? Or how about cutting down government red tape so hospital administrators don’t have to add the cost of voluminous paperwork to medical bills, and pairing back excessive government regulations so that hospitals and doctors can drive down costs through healthy competition? But Steny Hoyer called it an open and transparent process. Right.

Timothy Geithner is asking the government for more control over the Fed. That’s certainly comforting. His answer to current economic woes is to borrow more hundreds of billions from China…and print more money. But – if they’re printing billions and billions of more dollars, doesn’t it make the dollars already in my hand…worth… less? Uh…yeah. And just wait until next year when the banks start to put these newly printed dollars into circulation. And gold shoots sky high and the dollar plummets. Then the fun begins…

They’re stealing from you.

Not only are they working around the clock to shore up their losses and lunatic-lefty programs, but they are preparing to raise your taxes through the roof. Some of them will be hidden ‘fees.’ (Watch for them to pop up like measles spots when the virus begins.) Some of them will be overt, you’ll be able to see them, at least for the ‘wealthy’ – you know, anyone earning over 100K. But once inflation kicks in, pretty soon that will be the greater majority of us. And they’ll expect us to be happy we’re earning so much. And never mind the fact that those dollars we’re earning are becoming ever-increasingly worthless, and our standard of living is starting to tank. Shortages, rationing, loss of services… Anyone remember the long lines at the gas stations in the Carter years? Odd-and-Even days to fill up? Fist fights at the pumps…station owners wearing side-arms?

But our leader smiles endearingly and promises us that it will all work out. After all, there is a beautiful rainbow in the sky and if we just follow his dream for America we will find at the end of it (after eight short years)…a pot of gold. We merely have to Believe. Just close our eyes, stare at his picture, click our heels three times and the Leprechaun in Chief will deliver us a pot of gold.

As the media and the Marxists march us to the edge of the bottomless pit of total government control of our wealth, our businesses, our property…our very lives…(some call this tyranny)…we are left with this question about our current leaders: Are they evil…or merely stupid? Or both?

And more importantly…what are you going to do about it?

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