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'Sesame Street': Habitat for Political Correctness


Having received some criticism for my last post about “Sesame Street,” I would like to briefly respond to some of the questions and assertions in the comment section.

What’s so bad about saying “we share common humanity despite ethnic/religious/linguistic differences?”

A main tenet of the multiculturalism and Enviro-Statism inculcated by Modern Liberal educators and as practiced on “Sesame Street” — exemplified in “We All Sing the Same Song,” is the diminishment of the unique greatness of American culture.


Political Correctness and its Critical Theory are shamefully deployed against American culture to create a false front of “equality” to less free, less successful, and deviant cultures around the globe.

That is neither a healthy, nor appropriate form of values inculcation upon young American children, nor is it a responsible expenditure of American tax dollars.

This video looks like it was made over 30 years ago, and if you’re going to complain about something at least do it on a recent “Sesame Street” episode.

That criticism ignores the fact that the song is on the “Sesame Street Sing Along” DVD. A compilation that remains available at Sesame’s online store. Thus, perpetuating its subversive messaging to children in subsequent generations.

Would [you] prefer that a kids’ show teach children to hate and fear anyone from another culture?

False dilemma fallacies are a predictable, yet routine clumsy rhetorical tactic of the Modern Liberal Statist. As bullies, their goal is to distract from the main point of an argument, so they project obtuse personal attacks. Their simplistic purpose is to stifle debate, via attempted demonization of the “Other.” It illustrates their immaturity and incapability to grow up and out of the elementary sandbox.

Finally, this comment from what appears to be, pace David Mamet, a “Brain-Dead Liberal“:

HEY! BAD X-FILES ACTOR! I wonder when was the last time YOU visited a military base. Sesame Street did.

I sincerely love “X-Files” and take pride in my participation and performance on that legendary show. But ‘HEY!’ there’s no accounting for taste (or self-defeating ad hominem), right?

Also, I have had the distinct honor and privilege to cycle through Texas (including a truly humbling stop at Ft. Hood) and California with some of our nations greatest military heroes in the absolutely amazing Ride 2 Recovery.

Moreover, I’ve also had the privilege of joining forces with the “Firefly”/”Serenity” inspired California Browncoats and the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation to help raise tens of thousands of dollars for scholarships assisting the children of America’s fallen heroes.

May God bless their souls and continue to provide comfort and assistance for their surviving families.

Any efforts “Sesame Street” extends to comfort the families of our military should be respected, and I do (as long as they are not intended to exploit the fallen and wounded as “victim/mascots”). Thanks to the commenter for bringing this to our attention.

It would still be very interesting to know when the last time (if ever) it was that “Sesame Street” allowed the Pledge of Allegiance, the “Star Spangled Banner” or “God Bless America” on its program.

Indeed there is, as Stage Right indicates, “more to discuss. Much more.”

Thanks to Big Hollywood readers for their interest. I look forward to the sustainability of convivial disagreements in the discussion of these very important issues.

Happy Green Weak, kids!

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