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Headline Roundup: Troubled American Psychiatrist Allegedly Turns Gun on Warmongers at Ft. Hood


Nidal “Gary” Hassan – All-American boy

was haunted by memories of Gitmo,

‘Nam, Hiroshima


Distraught pacifist conscientious objector tormented by horrors of war, as far as you know

Newsroom experts: stress, violence, stupidity, tragedy a way of life for GIs

Former M*A*S*H stars say it’s finally time to disarm the military

Hollywood insiders: Sean Penn early favorite for lead in planned Oliver Stone biopic

Nidal Hassan – not a fan of taxes

Fort Hood: Another Black Eye For Teabagger Movement

Connecting the dots: 2006-8 Tax returns show anti-government extremist carefully itemized deductions

Like many Town Hall protesters, Hassan motivated by rage, pattern baldness

Phone records: suspect tried to join Hair Club for Men

Tearful Pelosi pushes Congress for new Tea Party regulations: “our lives are at stake”

Closet Dittohead?

Investigation: Ft. Hood Killer Had Access to Fox, Talk Radio, Right-Wing Blogs

Receipts show killer’s apartment had cable

’03 Nissan registered to Hassan had AM radio

Napolitano: “I told you so”

Sources: Despite 17 citations as Countdown’s ‘Worst Person In The World,’ FBI failed to detain Limbaugh

Defiant Palin rejects calls to apologize

Hassan: NRA poster boy


Experts say shootings could have easily been prevented if guns did not exist; others argue bullets must share blame

Gun facts: scary, loud, shoot people

Reverend Nidal Hassan say Gimme

that Old Time Religion

Fundamentalist Religion Seen As Motive in Ft. Hood Massacre

Devout churchgoer evangelized conservative views

Shooter’s former Virginia home was mere hours from Jerry Falwell compound

What did Tilton, Swaggert, Osteen know?

Billy Ray Hassan – average

American Southerner

Another Typical Day in Dixieland U.S.A.

In the land of cotton, some hear echoes of Civil War in latest violent redneck rampage

American-born killer was son of the Jim Crow South

NASCAR may have been involved

Britons warned: limit U.S. travel to safe areas such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles

Hassan: owned GameStop member card

Did Violent Video Games, Rap Lyrics Drive Killing Spree?

Video: Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario Cart remain on shelf at Fort Hood PX

Lil’ Wayne goes One-on-One with Wolf Blitzer

Larry King Live Special tragedy coverage with panelists Nancy Grace, David Hasselhoff, Joan Collins

Tailgater of Terror

Caught in the Middle of an NFC East Rivalry

Sports psychologists: strain of being a Redskins fan in Cowboy country may have led to breakdown for former DC resident

Jurgenson, Staubach team up for NFL sportsmanship pitch

Skins fans fear backlash

Special “Outside the Lines” interview with NFL Commissioner Goodell: “this is precisely why we banned Limbaugh”

Nidal “Ozriel” Hassan: tormented by popular kids

‘Ozriel’: Portrait of a Bullies’ Target

Another Columbine?

Sensitive, artistic outsider said ostracized by Army jocks, “in crowd”

Found solace in poetry, music, MySpace

Weekend “EmoAid” benefit concert to raise awareness about at-risk youth, reunite CSN&Y

Junk food junkie?

Twinkies Claim Another 13 Victims

Hostess corporate spokesman defends controversial creme-filled sponge cake, but mounting scientific evidence links mass murder to unregulated transfats

Witness: Hassan yelled “I want a candy bar” during spree

Kraft, Kelloggs, Hersheys bracing for lawsuits

Are you raising a potential Cereal Killer? Nutritionists show you how to cut your kids’ sugar intake to prevent another bloodbath

No Country For Old Men

From Fort Hood to Waco to Dealey Plaza to Bush Compound, death is a way of life in the Lone Star State

Statistic: Texas still lags in access to public broadcasting

Download Morning Edition’s exclusive in-depth podcast, complete with mournful banjo dirge interlude

Lessons of Ft. Hood: Military Bases Need More Mental Health Professionals

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