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PRESENTING: The 'Fourth Graders For Obama' YouTube Channel


Here’s a little mid-week scare courtesy of the 4thgraders4obama YouTube Channel. (Don’t waste your time — I searched high and low and no luck finding the 4thgraders4bush YouTube Channel.) Yes, you read that right, an entire portal filled with nearly a dozen videos devoted to nine and ten year-olds singing, speaking and in general, getting awfully excited over a politician on the brink of having us all long for the good old days of Jimmy Carter. Here’s a taste:

[youtube MmjUIixaK5c nolink]

The programmer teacher is Ms. Clark (she makes a short appearance here), but there wasn’t anything that identified the actual school. In last week’s Elementary Epidemic you saw a mix of Obama-enthusiasm. Some of the videotaped students were reminiscent of POWs speaking against their will on camera as they blink a Morse code plea for help, others were truly excited — and it’s the excited ones that are most worrisome. They’re gone. Lost forever… Ms. Clark’s entire class is like that.

The 4thgraders4obama videos do give us a broader glimpse into the methodology at work in our nation’s classrooms. In a couple of the videos you’ll see the kids watching President Obama on television and the whole class is as giddy as though they were in line for Space Mountain. Other videos have the kids standing before the camera reading what sounds like love letters to the First Family. Public or private school — that makes no difference. You don’t do this to young minds. There’s a wide berth between infusing your children with values and this.

In other news…

Nine of the eleven school children videos posted just a few days ago have been completely scrubbed from YouTube, one other can no longer be embedded, leaving one to assume that the sole survivor hasn’t caught on yet. Just last week the Obama-worship flew proudly and publicly, but as they say … sunlight is the best disinfectant.

The most confusing scrub is the newly christened Barack Obama Elementary School… Why remove their school song? Yeah, sure, with all its platitudes and soaring to nowhere-ness it sounded like a discarded tune from Disney’s direct-to-DVD: “Aladdin 5: Tired of Robin Williams’ Schtick.” But it is the school song, for crying out loud…

We should, however, all be grateful Gotham Avenue School hit the delete button. For a couple weeks now, we believe in Barack Obama, he loves you and he loves your mama has been stuck in my head unlike anything since “The Girl From Ipanema.”

Giffen Elementary scrubbed both their videos, but not before Accuracy In Media took a closer look, not only at the videos, but at all the creepy goings on throughout the school district to brainwash that unfortunate captive audience into the Cult of O:

It turns out that Nolte’s GME [Giffen Memorial Elementary] videos are just the tip of the iceberg for the Obama love shown by the City School District of Albany, which oversees this and other schools. According to the District’s Education Board minutes from January and February, the school district appears to have centrally coordinated, if not managed, a district-wide celebration of President Obama’s inauguration. “On Tuesday, January 20, 2009, the inauguration of Barack Obama will be celebrated in all of the District’s school communities,” states the former document.

Be sure to read the whole horrifying thing.

Even more horrifying is this thought: What haven’t we seen? What hasn’t gone public? These are performances someone had to take the time to both film and upload to YouTube. It’s not a stretch to imagine that this abuse of young captive minds is far more widespread than just the 15 or so videos that have been brought to light thus far.

We believe in Barack Obama, he loves you and he loves your mama. Catchy.

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