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If NBC Really Wanted to Save the Planet They'd Go Out of Business


I just saw this AP article, where California is again discussing how big of a television set you can own. This time, they are pitching a limit on how bright your television set can be. I believe is an attempt to curb greenhouse emissions, by forcing television consumers to turn out the lights when watching television and sit closer to the set.


This is a new proposal, concocted after California Legislators failed to regulate the size of their televisions. That one didn’t sit too well in the land that coined the phrase “Size Does Matter.” I would suggest that the more intelligent legislation would be to ration inches. For instance my (not to brag) 110″ television, would be the same as some people who have a 12″ set in every room of the house.

But I digress. Buried in the article is this tidbit of information: Apparently television watching contributes to 10% of the entire American electrical requirement. Holy Moly. Ten percent is more than the entire Cap and Trade Bill expects to cut over the next hundred years.

Which leads me to my proposal. If people in Hollywood REALLY wanted to go green, they should just quit making TV shows, and get a real job. All of them. Writers, Directors, and Producers as well. (It wouldn’t be an issue for tech people, they’re quite familiar with work already.) Without television programming, TV would become completely unwatchable.

Which isn’t a new idea in Hollywood. Networks have already tried other ways to get people to stop watching Television. Last year’s “Kath and Kim” and the more recent “Parks and Recreation” both have been completely unsuccessful in their attempts to get people to turn off the TV before “The Office” came on.

Why should average Americans, the ones who actually provide necessities of life like food and shelter, be forced to pay more for their energy, when there is a solution right in front of us all? You want the rich to pay their fair share? Television stars make more for a single episode than some of us earn in our entire lives. If Al Gore’s apocalyptic predictions are true, certainly the leisure class of Hollywood must do their part to help save the Polar Bears.

It’s time for all of you out in Hollywood to show us all your acting abilities, and act like Americans. Your motivation is Saving the Planet.

Stop making the Television that is about to destroy us all.

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