It's Morning-After In America

I awoke this morning with a splitting headache. As I staggered to the bathroom I blew past the mirror without a glance, fearful of the report. I hadn’t felt this awful since I can’t remember when. Though memory eluded me as to the details, I was certain that I had tied on the Mother of All Benders. As I stared blearily into the commode bowl, I studied it disinterestedly for any and all evidence my stomach contents may have divulged as to just what the hell had happened the previous night.


Nothing came to me but more questions. Satisfied that no further gastric contributions could tell the tale, I rose from the bathroom floor, shrugged unconvincingly and hit the flusher. What a perfect way to end unseemly encounters. Flush them.

I proceeded to weave an unsteady trail down the hallway in the general direction of a coffee pot. My daughter had arisen before me and FOX News was already drifting in from the other room; Bill Hemmer recounting the latest on the decision to move the admitted 911 terrorists to NYC for trial.

And then it struck me like a wet trout.

Why – I hadn’t been drinking the night before at all! This was no hangover! This was Bizarro-World 2009 (or as some call it, the Barrack Obama Presidency) — in full flower!

Recovering from the jolt of reality that had knocked coffee grounds everywhere, slipping and sliding on them I staggered into the living room to stare at the TV screen. Yes, it was coming back to me like a recurring bad rash – the Commies had taken over as America slept. And we were all out of 2% cortisone cream.

As the inebriative disorientation of an Obama reality continued to blur my vision, I recounted some of the more recent national realities.

Emergency stimulus bills – $800 billion in spending, cash-for-clunkers, tax cheat cabinet, Marxist czars, quadrupling the national debt within 10 months…and as Communist China lectures us about deficit spending and fiscal responsibility…Obama pushes hard for a socialized medicine bill that will cost taxpayers at least two trillion dollars, nationalize one-fifth of the U.S. economy, and drive insurance companies, hospitals and doctors bankrupt, leading to rationed health care and a gross decline in research and overall quality of medicine.

But I don’t want to rush to judgment. It’s only been ten months, give the guy a chance.


And in the We-don’t-rush-to-judgment category… Major Hasan’s shooting spree at Ft. Hood that left 13 dead and 30 wounded seems to have the mainstream media baffled. It seems he must’ve been a nut. He must’ve been tormented by fellow soldiers for his religious views. He must’ve been a victim of the system…who simply snapped. And we don’t want to rush to judgment that he may have been a Muslim jihadist murderer terrorist, dead square in our midst, at the largest Army base in the country…that simply wanted to kill as many Americans as possible for his jihad, for his Allah. Gee, sure didn’t send up any red flags…even with the bitter and angry Wahabbist rantings to his fellow soldiers, his communication with a noted Muslim radical cleric, and oh yeah, his phone calls, documented by the army, to Al Qaeda!

Hmmm…how could anyone possibly have seen anything bad coming….?

And now… The people that admitted to having masterminded the destruction of the Twin Towers and murdered three thousand Americans are to be put on trial a few blocks from where the towers fell in downtown Manhattan.


As a “Star Trek” alumnus, I am bereaved that the phrase “Beam me up, Scotty!” has been so over-used…or I’d be tempted to use it now.

The ACLU will ensure that these self-admitted terrorists’ ‘rights’ will be guarded as they’re extended every legal privilege, the same as a law-abiding citizen of the U.S. Upon discovery it will be revealed that they were not Miranda-ized and made fully aware of their ‘rights’ when they were apprehended. Upon discovery it will be revealed that ‘proper’ search-and-seizure methods were not used when these miscreants were arrested. Wire-tapping may have been used that the ACLU will have a problem with. Three of these fellows were strapped to a board and had water poured over their faces, convincing them that they were in danger of drowning – all in a very successful attempt to procure valuable information that may have saved thousands of more lives of Americans.

And the CIA, the FBI, George W. Bush and the entire U.S. Military will be put on trial for the court of world opinion to evaluate – a years-long, hundred-million dollar dog-and-pony show of a trial for the America-hating Leftists to rally behind. “You see? You see how bad we were before? You see what Bush/Cheney/Halliburton gave you? Well…we’re not like that anymore. And to show you how sorry we are…we’re gonna serve up America’s autonomy and exceptionalism on a silver platter. Everybody come take a bite — who wants white meat?”

In Bizarro-World 2009…up is down. The good guys get prosecuted and the bad guys walk. So how many betting men do we have out there? Has Vegas set the odds yet? And what’s the line and spread on these five guys walking?

In a rush to re-establish to the world our supposed, and heretofore, absent humility and global cooperation – and in the name of a misguided allegiance to some missing ‘higher good’ for humanity, we have abruptly changed direction and now champion a new banner – ‘Peace through supplication…strength through softness’.

Future Al Jazeera news headline in Arabic: “The Pussification of America is complete.”

I suppose some will merely deem it to be the natural countermanding of Mr. Obama’s predecessor, George Bush’s ‘cowboy’ persona, in both personal style and foreign diplomacy. Mr. Obama, in order to counterpoint Mr. Bush’s ‘cowboy swagger’ (Bush calls it “walking”), bows low to foreign heads of state – some would say grovels – and in every tone and rhetoric, apologizes to the world for our excellence and achievement.

And, oh by the way, we’re sorry we’ve been such horrible racists – unlike you all.

But now that we’ve proven to the international community that we’re no longer racist and are suddenly all too aware that we’re the focal point and primary cause for everything bad, destructive and unstylish in the world — Europe cheers us. How better to validate their own insistent bend into socialism? Socialists everywhere just love us now. Third-world despots embrace our epiphanic rush to change. Hamas and Hezbollah smile their congratulations at our new enlightenment and willingness to abdicate our superiority of both strength and ideals — all in the name of tolerance and ‘balance’.

Enemies of America everywhere smile warmly at us…as they sharpen their daggers.

Our allies around the globe are getting nervous. And who could blame them? I read of Neville Chamberlain’s assurances to his countrymen in 1938 after meeting with Hitler in Munich. He was certain he had engineered a path to peace in Europe — through appeasement.

Ronald Reagan used to speak of America as a “…shining city on a hill.” A place of liberty and freedom and personal responsibility; a place people all over the world looked up to and emulated, and couldn’t wait to visit, and even emigrate to legally, to start a new life, a better life for themselves and their families. He reminded us of our strengths, of our compassion, and of our unending ingenuity, drive and resourcefulness.

Ronald Reagan made us feel good about being an American. He held us to the high standard of honesty and fiscal responsibility and individual initiative and personal accountability for our actions. The ultimate result of these ideals was success – success, achievement and excellence, the likes of which the world had never before seen. And something else we had: Pride in America. There were no ‘apology tours’… no gestures of contrition… no tacit appeasement, to anyone, anywhere for any reason. We believed in peace through strength. And these were not empty words – they were backed by actions. Reagan meant the words he spoke — and you could take them to the bank. Reagan spoke of the success that we enjoyed by sticking to our ideals, American ideals. He said it was ‘morning in America’.

The image was of the sun coming up in the morning…and not of its setting.

Honest and ardent students of history are not just nervous – they’re alarmed. This country we know and love, this America, is fast becoming unrecognizable to many of us. It’s like we’ve had this big wham-jammer of a party…and now we awaken to a monstrous hangover.

It’s the morning-after in America…only the aspirin bottle is three years away.


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