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HuffPoster More Outraged By Polanski Critics Than Child Rape



Jeff Norman’s HuffPo article officially allows us to add to a growing list we like to call:

Think How Much Better the World Be If the Left Was…

…as outraged by communism as they are by anti-communists.

…as outraged by terrorism as they are by what the U.S. does to prevent it.

And now:

…as outraged by a fugitive child rapist as they are by his critics.

Take it away Jeff Norman:

Demonstrating the same lack of self-esteem as prisoners who beat up child molesters, noisy segments of the American population continue to hyperventilate over Roman Polanski as if the sexual abuse of minors were not already sufficiently condemned by our society. …

I’m confused… Is anyone else confused? Obviously Norman sees some sort of invisible line where condemnation of those who drug and sodomize 13 year-old girls moves from “sufficient” to demonstrating a “lack of self-esteem.” And as someone always concerned with being caught in the act of demonstrating a lack of self-esteem, maybe Norman could let me know when I’ve crossed that line … fire off a flare, or something.

The offense for which Polanski’s extradition from Switzerland is sought is barely considered a crime in Europe, where the age of consent is as low as 13. …

You would think Norman might stop for a moment and ponder over the word “consent,” but you would be wrong.

Regardless of how one feels about Polanski or his confessed/alleged crimes, guilt or innocence should be determined by actual evidence, not mere perception. …

Regardless of how one feels? Maybe I’m not sophisticated enough to understand that. Anyway…

Silly question, I know, but might guilt be determined by Polanski’s … guilty plea?

Just because a lot of pathetic people need to dwell on the director’s supposed indecency to make themselves feel decent in comparison[.]

This is how far gone these people are. Even though we’re talking about a 13 year-old child, Norman cannot bring himself to use the word “indecency” without first qualifying it with the word “supposed.”

On the other hand, those of us outraged by Polanski’s crimes are “pathetic.” No qualifier there.

You have to love when the left chooses to claim moral high ground. In their delusional world making America less safe by closing Gitmo is morally superior to not; abandoning 25 million Iraqis to death squads and terrorists is morally superior to protecting them; and trashing those outraged by child rape is morally superior to being outraged by child rape.

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