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Lonewolf Diaries: Poor People Can Be Greedy Too


Ever notice that the chronically poor nearly always share one thing in common? They are some of the most greedy SOB’s on the planet. I know it seems sacrilegious to say so. You’re just not supposed to criticize the poor. Afterall, haven’t they had it hard enough? I mean, a man can’t help the hand he’s been dealt… Unless he’s Rain Man.


Now before you go and crucify me, keep in mind that there is a huge difference between someone who is “down on their luck” and someone who is able-bodied and “chronically poor.” There’s a big difference, and I’m only addressing the latter.

We see the stereotype everyday in Hollywood films: The wealthy, corporate, penny-pinching sell-out who inevitably becomes a slave to their own greed. Note: That stereotype excludes the rich, bloated constituents of Tinseltown themselves. The sad part is that oftentimes Americans believe it. As a largely blue-collar nation, I could think of nothing more satisfying than vilifying the “boss” (not a Springsteen reference, for those wondering). The only problem is that it’s dishonest.

Successful people aren’t inherently evil. I believe that more often than not people’s lives are a result of their actions. It’s silly, I know, but when you look at things within that context, you have to ask yourself: what kind of actions lead to poverty?

Now, I hate to throw a Proverb at you (particularly as it’s not of the trendy Chinese variety, but one of those scary Old Testament scribbles) but no matter what your faith, I would imagine that Proverbs 28: 22 would still have to be incredibly insightful.

A stingy man is eager to get rich and is unaware that poverty awaits him.

See, God isn’t condemning rich people. He’s condemning actions followed by a solemn warning of where they would lead. God seems to think that actions are a reflection of your heart. He’s a freaky dude when it comes to that kind of thing. Yes, I said “dude.” Feminists, start sending your letters.

Now statistically, it’s true. Poor people (particularly liberals) donate a lower percentage of their income than middle and upper-class Americans. To be fair, they have less to give… But then I guess it becomes the whole “chicken or the egg” deal. Do they have less to give because they’re stingy/greedy, or are they greedy because they have less to give?

Either way someone’s getting punched in the face for milk money.

I would say that the action of a perfectly healthy individual living a life on welfare provided by the hard work of others taken by force through taxation… That’s greedy.

The action of not stepping out of your comfort zone and creating a business, or helping OTHERS to prosper because of your personal contentment… That’s greedy.

The action of hoarding all the good-looking prom dates, leaving me no other date options than my cousin Kevin… That’s greedy.

Not giving to those who are seriously less fortunate than you… That’s greedy.

The problem with greed is that it has no understanding of logic and will constantly find a scapegoat… Sometimes it’s an actual goat (he deserved it), sometimes it’s a lemur (he didn’t deserve it) and sometimes it just ends up being a decent rich guy whom everyone loves to hate.

And no, I’m not talking about Sean Penn.

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