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Polanski's New Movie Trashes Iraq War, Accuses West of Torture…


Roman Polanski

If nothing else, Polanski’s timing couldn’t be better. If you’re a Hollywoodist — even a remorseless child-raping Hollywoodist — looking for a boost from your fellow Hollywoodists, what better way to hold on to your Frat House bona fides than to direct a film like this? [emphasis mine]:

[A]s a filmmaker, Roman Polanski is back in a big, big way with THE GHOST WRITER. Adapted by Robert Harris (author of the excellent FATHERLAND and ENIGMA) from his own novel, the film is about a mildly successful non-fiction hack (Ewan McGregor) who lands the plum gig of shaping the memoirs of a recently ousted British Prime Minister (Pierce Brosnan) – who bears a none-too-subtle resemblance to Tony Blair. The opportunity is there for the taking because the PM’s former ghost writer washed up dead on a beach somewhere close to Martha’s Vineyard. The only downside to the assignment is the PM’s potentially unlawful participation in secretly shipping British citizens/suspected terrorists off to Guantanamo Bay for the ol’ Jack Bauer treatment.

Here are a couple descriptions of the novel upon which the film is based:

Bookmark Magazine: From there, it quickly gains momentum, merging a shrewd indictment of the war in Iraq with a literate, page-turning thriller. Harris, who was once a friend of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, offers a withering, barely disguised attack on Blair’s policies and his collusion with the United States in the Middle East.

Publishers Weekly: The stakes rise when Lang [the PM] is accused of war crimes for authorizing the abduction of suspected al-Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan, who then ended up in the CIA’s merciless hands.

Sounds as though Ghost Writer is the perfect storm of everything so laughably and maddeningly depraved about the left-wing film industry today. It takes the wrong side in a righteous war — a war we’re presently fighting, by the way — and its creator is a fugitive whose anal rape of a thirteen year-old girl (he drugged) hasn’t dented his celebrity in the least. No shortage of “stars” lining up to work with him!

A new low from those who make the movies? Pish-posh, it’s still morning.

NOTE: This post is in clear violation of the rule that only allows water carrying left-wing film writers to speculate about upcoming films they haven’t seen.

UPDATE: Awesomeness in the comments — “Would you rather be a prisoner in Abu Ghraib, or a young girl in Roman Polanski’s hot tub?”

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