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'Will and Grace' Star: Leno 'Insane' for Appealing to Red State Viewers


Megan Mullally isn’t happy to see a late night host reach out to the other half of the country.

Liberals already have David Letterman, Jon Stewart, George Lopez, Stephen Colbert and countless others on their side. But that’s not enough for Mullally, the two-time Emmy winner and “W&G” scene stealer.

She recently blasted former Gov. Sarah Palin’s stand-up comedy debut on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” at, mocking both Leno’s comedy bits and his attempt to woo conservative audiences.

“Could it be any more bald-faced that he’s going after the red states? It’s insane. It’s just right out there, full on … amazing. And she was wearing jeans [note: said with a drawn out snarl]. ‘I’m gonna wear denim! I’m gonna dress it down!'”

Sounds insane, all right. Why would the host of a popular late night show give a platform to a gorgeous, charismatic politician who appeals to a wide swath of viewers?

It’s almost as crazy as pouring millions into a movie like “Green Zone,” even though anti-Iraq War films have withered and died at the boxoffice for nearly a decade. Or, even better, being a professional comic and avoid mocking the current White House occupant.

Too many comedians have clammed up now that a Democrat is in the White House. Bully for “Saturday Night Live” which has offered some stinging bits aimed at President Obama.

Once upon a time it was a comedian’s job to mock the president, no matter his or her party affiliation.

That’s not always the case anymore. Leno is one of the few comics around willing to tweak Obama – just like he tweaked Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush before him. He does so without malice, and with an eye toward making us laugh and keeping the president humble.

Leno’s approach isn’t Red State or Blue State. It’s that of a comedian who realizes appealing to both sides of the ideological aisle makes good business sense.

Celebrities like Mullally can’t see the wisdom in that approach, apparently.

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