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Lonewolf Diaries: Lady Gaga Sells Sex, MSM Predictably Buys


Lady Gaga’s new video, “Telephone” hit the streets last week. You’ve all heard of it, I’m sure. As nothing more than violent softcore porn, even MTV has allegedly given it the shut-out. Not only is the video a tasteless, boring herpes-fest, but it’s indicative of a larger problem facing Americans (particularly young ladies today). Can anyone guess what it is?


Let’s be honest; in the world of popstar Divas… Lady Gaga isn’t exactly a Bo-Derek-perfect-10. So how does she find a way to close the gap? As many ugly dames have done since the dawn of time, she decides to up the ante of sluttiness. I speak the truth. Women, if you don’t live up to the current magazine standards of “beauty,” the message being pumped to you through pop culture is loud and clear: ugly and/or fat chicks need to go fishing with dynamite.

Even more confusing is when pop-musicians use said form of packaging to try and push a corporatized “be proud of who you are” message (see any “Pink” music video ever made). By default, we end up breeding a generation of slutty, shallow, self-absorbed, empty shell human beings and then confusedly ask why they have “self-esteem” issues. Whatever happened to the idea of esteeming others first? Seems to me that that would do wonders for the tweens self-confidence (not to mention their productivity levels). You know who was big on that concept? Jesus. We can’t have that.

Now it also has to be mentioned that conservatives often discredit themselves by accusing people whom they detest of being “talentless.” I was shocked at the responses to my recent Sean Penn piece referring to him as a “terrible hack.” Listen, Sean Penn is one of the best actors on the planet… Who also happens to be a really big douche. To maintain our credibility, we need to maintain an honest dialogue.

Lady Gaga is immensely talented. She’s a fantastic pianist, a gifted singer and an engaging performer. But that’s not why the mainstream media gives her so much attention. If she weren’t acting like a dime-store floozie, the alphabet networks would pay her little attention, relegating her to a life of smoky bars and indie record labels instead of sold-out arenas and platinum albums. When it comes to capturing the attention of mainstream media and liberal publications, there is but one simple truth: Perversion Sells.

Not only does perversion stir up waves of fabricated “controversy,” it allows modern leftists to put on their introspective thinking caps and “examine the societal consequences” along with “what the video is truly meant to convey.”

Perhaps the video is meant to be a satirical reflection of our current society’s difficult circumstances?

Maybe, Lady Gaga is trying to put our lives in perspective through the theatre of the delightfully absurd?

Or maybe, just maybe she’s a harlot who’s realized that flashing her genitals to the camera while making out with pornstars might help her pocket a little extra coin through additional video play and record sales.

When the media acts as though they’re “offended” or that something “has gone too far,”always know that it’s a prefabricated reaction designed to make it look as though they’re taking the high road (much like Sean Penn with his Haitian camera crew).

Trust me, they want to keep this cash cow alive.

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