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Lonewolf Diaries: Hollywood Liberals Say "Proof is For Fruitcakes!"


Glenn Beck personally called James Cameron the Antichrist. Tea Party protesters repeatedly yelled “racial epithets” such as “n*gger” and “f*ggot” to members of Congress. I don’t even want to have to mention the myriad vulgarities that Mr. Sean Penn has had to endure from his hate-mongering critics. Those far-right bad apples… Don’t they know that they’re going to spoil it for the rest of us?


There’s only one problem with all of the following examples: there is no evidence that any of those events have occurred.


Firstly, let’s examine the claim that Glenn Beck called James Cameron the Antichrist. To hear the story in mainstream media, Glenn Beck came face-to-face with Mr. Cameron and proceeded to accuse him of being the anti-Christ. The rock-solid source for this one was none other than the blue-man-group fetishist himself. If James Cameron says it, it HAS to be true!

It should be noted that later, in the same interview, James Cameron did go on to use this “incident” as justification to call Glenn Beck a “f*cking a*shole.” He in no way believes that this hurts his credibility as a reliable source. As it turns out, James Cameron was mixing two completely separate stories: One in which he met Beck personally, another in which Glenn Beck made a joke about the awful, repetitive Celine Dion track (from Cameron’s film “Titanic”) as being “evil” and used the word “anti-Christ” to abstractly and comically target the man responsible for its reaching the airwaves. It would seem quite the far cry from Cameron’s original tall tale.

Note: I would like to publicly apologize on behalf of french-Canadians for “My Heart Will Go On.” There is no darker time in our history books, and we pray that time will heal any wounds we’ve inflicted on our fellow man.

Then we have the “racist teabaggers” where, again, the only proof that we have is from Mr. Congressman Clyburn’s very own mouth. He claims to have been called the N-word, and “faggot” by protesters with “deliberately lispy” screams, one of whom proceeded to spit on him. How one would “deliberately lisp” a word void of the letter “S” remains to be seen, but rest assure that all conservatives are homophobic racists (and possibly rapists).

Not only were no charges filed, nobody was arrested (spitting as a means of harm is legally classified as “assault”), but there are no pictures or videos of the events mentioned. Keep in mind, that you are not dealing with an isolated sucker-punch (where if you blink it could be missed), but a several-hour long protest where both sides of the aisle were armed with video cameras and consistently taking pictures (not to mention any local and/or national news cameras) to document the unraveling. You are talking about one of the most heated, crowded and nationally covered events in modern history, yet the closest thing to a legitimate source for the left’s claims is … The Huffington Post picture gallery of signs with slogans such as “Kill the Bill,” “Save Babies” or “I Didn’t Vote for Socialism.”

There you have it, the leftists clear-cut proof for racially aggravated assault.

See liberals don’t understand the concept of the “burden of proof.” When James Cameron accuses Glenn Beck of calling him the Antichrist, the burden rests squarely on his shoulders to prove it. The problem lil’ Jimmy has here is that there is none. There is however, documented proof of him calling Beck a “f*cking a*shole.” The same applies to Sean Penn. Some critics very well may have verbally assaulted him with a veritable medley of profanities, but we have no evidence of it. We do however, have the obvious recorded proof of Sean Penn claiming that he wished they would all “die screaming of rectal cancer.”

We have no proof of the Tea Partiers being violent. As a matter of fact, all Tea Parties combined don’t even come close to the number of felonies committed at the singular “Woodstock ’99.” Rape, drugs and looting (all staples of the leftist-protesting experience) are virtually non-existent at conservative gatherings. Also, in my brief attendance at college, never once have I witnessed a single liberal speaker require the services of a bodyguard. On the flip side; Every conservative speaker was forced to travel with a security entourage that would put Diddy to shame (provided that they were even allowed to speak in the first place). Noticing a pattern here?

Conservatives are such docile activists in comparison to their liberal counterparts that leftists at the Huffington Post have in fact, now accused them of “using coded language” to incite racism and violence.

No lexicon was provided.

At the end of the day, when one looks at the facts, it’s easy to see that liberals and Hollywood elitists are simply the scum of the earth. They call people names, regularly commit acts of violence against both each other and outsiders, all the while demeaning anyone burdened with the task of expressing a dissenting point of view. The only straw at which they can grasp is that of, “They did it first!”

Even if there were a shred of proof to back up their claims, it would still be pathetic (albeit not as much). Of course, there isn’t. There never is. It is becoming increasingly apparent that in Hollywood however, proof is not needed to justify vulgar hatred aimed against anyone different from red-carpet coke-buddies.

Which reminds me Mr. Penn, lay off the Colombian gold.

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