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Stand Ups for America: Fight the Power With Ridicule


I couldn’t believe what happened in the People’s House. It was like getting socked in the gut, all the wind was knocked right out of me. We tried everything to get the Congress to hear to us: letters, emails, faxes, and phone calls, and they just wouldn’t listen.


So we surrounded the Capitol on the morning of the vote. Rather than using the secure underground private subway taxpayers have graciously provided for their security, our “Representatives” arrogantly and defiantly marched right through the protest, just daring someone to step out of line. For the first time in my life, I fear for the future of this country, the last great hope of man.

I still don’t know how the Bill passed. Perhaps it had something to do with Nancy Pelosi saying a prayer to St. Joseph. It was probably so long since he heard from her, that he moved her priority straight to the front of the line. Of course, in her anxious haste, Nancy must have forgotten that St. Joseph is the Saint you pray to when you’re trying to get rid of the House. (I think we’re ALL onboard with that prayer.)

It seems that praying is all there is left to do. It’s one of the few options still protected by the First Amendment. As the President once said, tough times make people cling to their religion and their guns. Heck, I don’t own any guns. I’m too prone to drinking and stupidity. I can’t imagine actually owning a gun, and avoiding the temptation to fire off a few rounds in the backyard from time to time. Although I’m always trying to get on national TV, an appearance on Cops is not going to help my career.

So I decided to fight back with the one weapon I do own: ridicule. If there is one thing that the Left cherishes more than power, it is stature. They can’t stand being laughed at. They want to be seen as noble intellectual public servants, the same thing they see when they look in their mirrors every morning. They buttress those delusions with awards and other recognitions of achievement in the world of group-think, It is why they hate, talk radio, and Fox News; because in this world we refuse to take them seriously.

My friend Drew Hastings gave me a call with the same concerns. Knowing that we were in for a Health Care revolution in the legislature, he wanted to take a counter-revolution out to the reddest part of the nation. He had an idea for Comedy Tour with a two-tea minimum; an organic counter protest that would take place in the part of the country that actually pays the taxes.

We decided to exact our revenge by doing what the Left hates most: being laughed at.

It’s something they’re not used to. Most comics and comedy shows are quite kind to the people in power right now. Other than the fabulous Red Eye show and Newsbusted, most political comedy today is centered against Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, with the occasional vintage George Bush joke still sprinkled in for good effect.

Meanwhile we have a President so unfamiliar with flyover country, that he can’t spell Syracuse. We decided that America is ready for a show that really speaks truth to power and goes “Where Other Comedians Dare Not Tread.”

We got together with a friend of his from the Bob and Tom Show, Scott Dunn, who has a really funny slideshow on the history of America. It’s a great package and we plan to take our road show out to all 57 States.

But where to start? We figured that if we threw a dart at a map of America, it was almost certain to hit a red spot, and sure enough and it landed squarely on Lima Ohio.

We call it Stand-Ups for America. Our first show is going to be at the Crouse Performance Hall in Lima Ohio Friday April 23rd 7:30 pm

Tickets are available at the Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center Box Office Monday-Friday 12-5 pm, , or by phone at 419-224-1552

It’s comedy that’s just your cup of tea!

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