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Burnt Offering: Wanted — Brave Hollywood Souls to Come Out of the Closet


My friends, please watch:


Don’t criticize. I think this is absolutely terrific and courageous, a marvelous use of free speech and fearless. It has inspired me to start a new campaign called:


Now is the time to let it be known that Conservatives in Hollywood have been punished and afraid for far too long. I know there are many of you out there, lurking in the shadows, scared shitless of not getting hired, losing your homes and being shunned by the Hollywood elite — so I understand you must stay hidden. After all, Conservatives won’t even hire you for fear of being a Conservative sympathiser. The good thing is some liberals might hire you as the token conservative. In any case, think twice before you sign up. After all we’re only talking about saving our country.

This will only work if those of you currently in the closet will all join me. We will set up times and come to you if need be. Once we get enough names — known and unknown — we can begin.

Now, the funny thing is, this idea will not come to fruition because — I mean, who am I? I am not George Clooney or a name above the marquee. If, let’s say, a modern-day Frank Sinatra gave a call to arms, there would be a flocking to get involved. So I am realistic and figure this will not come to pass.

But it sure is a damn good idea whose time has come.

Safety in numbers.

If you’re out there and interested, here’s where you can get in touch.

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