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Lonewolf Diaries: 'Glee' vs Conservative Women, Round 2!


Like many Americans, I tuned into “Glee” this Monday to give the show a second go. In the spirit of objectivity, I must admit that the cast is talented, the characters well-developed, and there’s some strong writing to tie it all together. I felt that it deserved another shot. Only eight minutes into the episode however, much like Ralphie with his Little Orphan Annie decoder pen, I’d been skunked again. Is anybody else turning the dial off of “Glee” for good?


If you frequent the BigHollywood often, you’ve no doubt read about Glee’s recent jabs aimed toward Conservatives (more specifically, last week with Sarah Palin). Despite Sarah Palin having a legion of supporters (many of whom watch “Glee”), the people at Fox thought that it was a safe bet. After all, none of their Hollywood buddies would criticize them for it. That would require, shall we say… testicles? No, when it comes to speaking up against the popular opinion among their elitist peers, Tinseltown decided to lie themselves on the neutering bench a long time ago. It’s because of this that they travel in packs, making drive-bys and are more akin to acting like Cobra-Kais’ cronies than fighting the establishment a la Daniel Larusso. When “Glee” took a swipe at Ann Coulter this week, one could faintly hear the cries of their Hollywood lackeys screeching “Get’him a bodybag!” in the studio back lots and writers’ boardrooms.

In the most recent episode, when Emma Pillsburys’ character was listing the negative role models influencing young women in America today, she felt the need to name Ann Coulter. For the record, Ann Coulter was included after Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. The show then went on to normalize promiscuous teenage sex between young harlots and cads. If Ann wants to be a more positive role model for young women, clearly she should be taking notes.

It seems that the creators of “Glee” don’t just hate Conservatives in general, but reserve an even stronger rancor for particularly strong Conservative women. Their disdain for Palin and Coulter is deeply rooted in their love for subjective morality. Whereas “Glee” tells young women that the entire sexual landscape is nothing more than a gray area determined only by what “feels” right to them, Coulter and Palin draw a clear line in the sand and dare to tell women that sex is a big deal. Remember that to a liberal, telling young women that sex should be reserved for their husband is cruel, archaic, and ultimately a manifestation of hatred for women as a whole, as well as their menstrual cycles.

An even bigger problem for Hollywood is that both of these women sell books. I mean, they sell a LOT of books. The folks in Tinseltown can’t get their heads around that. They surround themselves with so many yes-men and patsies for the higher-ups that they can’t fathom such a huge portion of the American public being in diametric opposition to their worldview. So what do they do? They attack… In packs.

Even worse, if they feel that their backs are against the wall, they’ll call up Sean Penn to curse you with rectal cancer.

That’s right. Watch “Glee”… Or you’ll die screaming of rectal cancer.

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