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Lonewolf Diaries: James Cameron Wants to Limit the Middle-Class, Keep Third World Impoverished


“It’s China, it’s India Anywhere the middle-class is exploding, everyone’s sucking up more power. Population’s continuing to grow, you know we’re going to have to do something about it.”

There it is folks. Straight from the mouth of James Cameron himself. When caught off-guard without his DNC talking points, he admits that the much talked about middle-class is “booming” in America, not shrinking. Also through his comparison to modern China and India, he even acknowledges that the class gap is closing because of -gasp- capitalism! Something must be done about it, and lil’ Jimmy is just the wimp for the job. Somebody call Sean Penn, just in case he needs a sidekick on this one.


Now remember, James Cameron hates capitalism (rumor has it that the creature in “Alien” was based on his own mental interpretation of free enterprise). He believes that it’s destroying the world and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Unless of course it interferes with the production, promotion or distribution of the most expensive motion picture of all time. Then it ain’t no thang, baby!

No, the “thang” that really bothers Cameron is when middle-class Americans act as selfish, evil consumers in order to better their own lives. You heard Jimmy. They’re “sucking up more power,” acting as nothing more than bottom-feeders of Mother Earth’s resources.

You’ve seen the middle-class nowadays, haven’t you? Gone are the days of a chasm-like class gap where the wealthy owned the only automobiles in the country, the first color TV’s, or even the handful of mammoth-sized cell phones that doubled as desk chairs. Today the lowly middle-class American often has several cars, computers (complete with the interwebz), air-conditioning, summer cottages and smartphones.

… Those smug little bastards. They couldn’t leave well enough alone. Why couldn’t they (i.e. you) learn their place and be content with their mediocrity? Who do they think they are, Jimmy Cameron? If we let this go on, James Cameron’s entire classist structure will be more off-kilter than Kirstie Alley at a pole-dancing class.

See, in James Cameron’s world there is “us” (meaning the pre-destined wealthy) and “them” (those relegated to the life of the masses). What works for “us” -mansions, SUV’s, private jets etc. – doesn’t work for “them.” The only thing that can continue to shrink the gap between “us” and “them” is free enterprise. Ergo, it must be stopped at all costs, even if that cost includes people’s lives.

Which brings us to China, India or any third-world country trying to pull themselves out of oblivion and into the new world. See, in the United States, limiting free enterprise means that the middle class will take a step backward. Sure, our lives will be made far less convenient and much more difficult. but in a place like India it means that they will never even have a middle-class to begin with. Whereas our computers might become a little slower, our houses a little more uncomfortable and our water/utilities a little more expensive… They will never get to experience the wonder of a modern computer, clean running water, or even electricity. All of those things require “sucking up energy.”

That’s bad for Gaia, and people like James Cameron are “going to have to do something about it.”

Modern day neo-environmentalist policies have always hurt the middle class. People like James Cameron don’t care because they don’t believe that there should even be a middle-class to begin with. They believe in the old European class structure of the “haves” and the “have-nots.” The ultimate sadness however, is that for the third world, these policies often mean death.

Then again, I guess that if they would rather die, they had better do it…And decrease the surplus population.

It would be the “green” thing to do, and would help curb the oh so ever-growing populace. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

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