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As 'The Hollywood Reporter' Chuckles Along, Seth MacFarlane Crudely Trashes Sarah Palin


In the NSFW below video, “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, whose new Indian name is He Who Lies About Arizona’s Immigration Law, goes out of his way to savage Sarah Palin in the crudest possible way as a Hollywood Reporter “journalist” butt-boys right along with him. Over a mere 72 seconds you get the perfect encapsulation of everything wrong with our incurious, unskeptical, PleaseGawdLikeMe! entertainment media.


Things are so clubby and inbred between those who dominate our popular culture and those charged with covering them, that a cold, cruel fish like MacFarlane (who obviously shares David Letterman’s twisted sexual hate for Palin) can talk about “f*cking” a major national political figure and the only follow up from the interviewer is to play sycophant groupie.

But how nice of MacFarlane to set a new comedic standard for us all. It appears as though ridiculing the developmentally disabled on network television is okay if someone who’s developmentally disabled says so. Now that we know how it works, I’m sure we can expect the “courageous” MacFarlane to push the envelope beyond just ridiculing young Trig.

No doubt at this very moment the “edgy” MacFarlane is seeking out others in the developmentally disabled community to authorize his ridiculing of members of every protected class: developmentally disabled blacks and Native Americans, for example. Think of the “brave” comedic possibilities that suddenly open up when you’re granted the unquestionable moral authority to ridicule anything about the developmentally disabled when a member of that community says so.

What’s next, Seth? Will you prowl cancer wards for the okey-doke to ridicule terminal cancer patients? Are you ballsy enough to look for an AIDS sufferer/accomplice? I can give you an address to a local Mosque.

Think of it as comedic judge shopping. But instead of looking for a legal judge predisposed to see things your way, you prowl through schools and other institutions in search of someone anyone! in the developmentally disabled community willing to trot before the cameras on your behalf and grant you absolution after you’ve attempted to — for example — publicly humiliate a helpless child and his family.

Seriously, how low can you get; hiding behind the skirts of a developmentally disabled woman? (And again the butt-boy interviewer doesn’t stop for a second to even say, “Uhm…?”)

The whole episode creeps me out and there’s a predatory nature to MacFarlane that’s difficult to articulate but still very revealing about his cowardice and mercenary lack of character.

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