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'Edgy' Comedy Central Censors Muhammad, 'Bravely' Ready to Satirize Christ


Our friends at Comedy Central have found their cojones again. Although if you’re mining for brass there, move along. This same network that so quickly retreated in the face of threats of bodily harm from a militant Islamic website regarding their South Park episode which depicted the prophet Muhammed in a bear suit, has somehow mustered the intestinal fortitude to go after that most fresh and elusive of targets. You guessed it, (*yawn*) Jesus Christ…again. The haute irreverent network is set to announce “JC,” a half-hour show about Christ wanting to escape the shadow of his “powerful but apathetic father” and live a regular life in, where else, New York City.


Apparently the free speech warriors discovered that their beloved First Amendment has an “on/off” switch. It reserves them the right to offend with obvious intent only those religions that profess such core tenets as “turn the other cheek” and “do unto others” when slighted. Of course, when the target of their rapier wit responds not with quiet resignation but rather the banshee wails of “Allahu Akbahr!” followed by exploding IEDs in their fruit of the looms–well the art warriors tune changes to free speech, schmee speech just don’t slit my throat bro! Wow, if only those God-fearing wimps at Normandy and Iwo could have mustered such courage of conviction!

Oh my…there are just so many places I can go with this story but to rehash the topic would demonstrate a lack of originality that only another trite lampooning of such a docile target as Jesus in the name of “art” could top. I suppose I could berate the absolute hypocrisy of those on the left who rail with such self-righteous piety against the imagined intolerance of others while demonstrating their very real, almost bizarrely manic, hostility towards Christianity. (Except of course when they are on one of their “Jesus was a liberal” or “what would Jesus do” soap boxes to justify this or that expansion of the entitlement state on my dime. Then suddenly “JC” as the self-proclaimed hipsters call him is a handy God to have on their side, but that is another story.)

What I will not do is allow myself to be offended by, or even pay attention to, the new show after the last period is struck on this commentary. As one of those Christians myself (that pesky 80% plus of the US population) and, worse, a Roman Catholic (is there anything more evil in their eyes?) I have become inured to watching my beliefs lampooned by those who still delude themselves into thinking that attacking a target so docile such as my Lord who preached peace on earth and good will towards men still passes these days as even remotely “edgy.” Anyone who understands the evolution of modern culture realizes that at this point when you attack Christ under the guise of art or entertainment or just trying to make a splash what you are really admitting is that when it comes to creativity and ingenuity “er…I got nothin'”

Back to their actions vis-à-vis the “religion of peace.” What happened to the ole mantra of: “I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it!” Where is the real manifestation of all that self-righteous liberal drivel that I was indoctrinated with in my years of academia? Is this what the so-called brave artistic community has become? A bunch of girly-men who will shriek and beg forgiveness from a rag-tag band of radical Muslims who view even the MO postal code for Missouri to be offensive and worthy of yet another interminable “jihad”?

And really guys. Is this how you get your mojo back after exposing your spinelessness? Yet another slight against a religion whose cardinal sin apparently seems to be that it will not slit your throat if you disagree? Anyway, by developing the “JC” project the writers at Comedy Central are demonstrating that they have about as much fresh material as the a History Channel exec. offering yet another documentary about Hitler. And in the process, they are revealing that deep down they are both bullies for picking on such a pacifist target, and cowards whose principles and willingness to stand up for the U.S. Constitution and freedom of expression end where their own necks begins.

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