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'Happy Town' Trashes Conservatives: Why Would a 'Business' Constantly Insult Half Its Customers?


So I’m flipping through a few videos and I come across this treasure [see below]. In a discussion about which vital organs the human body can live without, the writers of Happy Town couldn’t resist inserting a political dig, for no apparent reason. Sure it’s just a joke, but why are these jokes always against Conservatives? Personally, I think the heart of a Conservative gets used a lot more often than the brain of a Liberal. Certainly the “family values” stereotype conservatives own is based on love of family.


I’m not certain that Liberals really know how to love. They’re pretty good with the hate; in fact I think their politics are based more on their hate of rich people than their love of the poor. The only love I’ve ever seen from a liberal is for their sixteen cats, helpless baby seals, and the cows they refuse to eat.

I also wonder why the producers of Happy Town would do this. Especially in light this new Gallup poll: 42% of Americans now define themselves as Conservative. Inserting a joke like that insults the biggest demographic in American politics seems opposed to the notion of Broadcasting and Making a Profit. Why would television producers pander to the slim 20% of America that considers themselves liberal? (These are the same people who brag at cocktail parties that they NEVER watch television.) Why would you pander to this small minority with little disposable income? What can you sell to people with too many tattoos and piercings to get real jobs? I was not aware that Ramen Noodles was a big advertiser.

This is a great example of Dog Food Economics. Dogs don’t shop for their own food. If they did, it would look like dead possum or cat litter. Since the humans do the shopping, it looks like beef stew and chicken marinara. (It’s also curious that more anthropomorphized a dog may be, the more human-like their food becomes– Pomeranians get Fancy Feast, while guard dogs get offal, but I digress.)

Television writers aren’t writing for America. They’re writing for the show’s producers, and for the most part producers tend to be liberal. Of course, Hollywood is so politically uniform, that much of the industry doesn’t even realize what’s going on out here in the land of God and guns.

Meanwhile, the right has grown so accustomed to this type of abuse that we shoulder on. Eventually we might leave a show in exasperation; usually I give a show three chances before I leave. (Warning to Adult Swim: the Squidbillies Tea Party episode was not appreciated, you have one strike against you).

I don’t want to sound humorless, but come on, give it a rest already.

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