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College Students Get Naked to Whine About Health Care


So Campus Progress – whatever that is – released a new video featuring college students, naked, whining about lack of health care.

It’ll tickle the back of your throat:


So let me get this straight: you’re young, healthy and unemployed – and your solution for lack of health care is …THIS?

You know – There’s another option: getting off your asses, stop sponging off your parents and your government, and look for a damn job. That’s what people do in order to pay for things they want.

I mean – listen to this whine:

“For decades we were left wondering if we’d ever get covered.”

Really – you were wondering about health care before you were born? I don’t know what’s worse: your lack of initiative, your mindless dependence on handouts or your sulky expectations that obliterate any desire for achievement.

And how about this line: “What they’re really trying to do is take away our coverage. We won’t let them.”

How sadly predictable this is, that these idiots expect us to pay for their health care – rather than treat it like any other expenditure? It’s not “your ” health care to take away. It’s my money.

Something tells me these folks – despite lack of health care – still manage to have I-Phones, IPODs, tickets to Lady Gaga, Spring Break vacations, and all the beer they can throw up five days out of every week. You’re young, healthy, and boring: get your own insurance, you freeloading fools.

But you won’t – because you don’t really want it. You’re liars.

But the worst thing about this video? these tools combined two things I love – co-eds and nudity – and still managed TO BORE THE CRAP OUT OF ME.

That has to be the ugliest group of naked people I’ve seen since the Villages put on a holiday version of “Oh Calcutta.”

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist, homophobic wiccaphobe.

Tonght we are back with a great show:

S.E. Cupp

Imogen Lloyd Webber

Reggie Hamm

And tomorrow we will be running the show that got bumped, which is an excellent, excellent show, I must say!

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