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Matt Damon: Mouthpiece for ACORN Spawn, Working Families Party


It looks like Matt Damon’s been overdosing on Kool-Aid again. He’s apparently doing the bidding now for the ACORN spawn, Working Families Party. Watch as he asks you for his birthday present.

[youtube 24m1PZ9iZoY]


I’m about to celebrate a very important birthday myself, Matt. On November 13th, I turn 41 ! I know, I can’t believe it either.

If there’s something you want to give me for my birthday that’s going to really cheer me up, please tell the recently departing Working Families Party co-chair Bertha Lewis to stop referring to constitutional conservatism as “McCarthyism”. And while you’re at it, could you please ask your friend, President Obama not to call American citizens “enemies” simply for not belonging to his political party?

I think maybe it’s time to step away from Soroswood and start paying attention to the real world.

damon1Perhaps we need to remind folks about the Working Families Party.

Originally founded by ACORN, the United Auto Workers (UAW), and the Communication Workers of America (CWA), the Working Families Party serves as a coalition of organizers and activists for what it claims are social and economic justice causes. In states where it is legally permitted, WFP also sponsors candidates via what’s called “fusion voting“. Instead of splitting the vote with a third-party, fusion voting allows groups to endorse a candidate under a different banner.

So, in reality, WFP enables their coalition’s endorsed candidates to get listed on the ballot – twice. I’m sure that’s not intentionally misleading for voters at all (eye roll).


While WFP lobbies for a “free public education for all”, its interests are really focused more on those of the militant labor unions with which they are allied, not the genuine interests of working families. Simply watch the documentary, “The Lottery,” and you’ll see members of the Working Families Party at their finest. As successful charter schools are lifting minorities and low-income families up to a whole new educational level that never would have existed through “free public school” in their communities otherwise, WFP and its union allies like the United Federation of Teachers instead shout them down and threaten them. WFP’s allies of course vehemently oppose both private and public charter schools, because those facilities don’t submit to the commands of labor unions. The charter school featured in the film is of course focused on the well-being of the children, not of the labor unions. Union bosses don’t take well to that.

Former Working Families Party co-chair and NY state co-chair Bertha Lewis was also once the CEO and Chief Organizer of the mighty ACORN, before it disbanded from its national brand name to a multitude of local and statewide affiliates under different names (thanks to those infamous prostitution tapes).

Ms. Lewis departed from the WFP organization in February this year, in the wake of the federal investigation of its for-profit company, Data and Field Services over claims it was using their company to skirt around the city’s stringent campaign finance laws. In the end, the feds decided not to file any charges against WFP; however, the investigation resulted in the organization’s restructuring to create firewalls between the for-profit company from the rest of WFP.

Let’s also not forget the sordid story behind real estate mogul Bruce Ratner of Forest City Ratner. The infamous Atlantic Yards project in NY is a multi-year long story of buyoffs, intimidation and corruption, not to mention the audacity of a massive land grab. Bertha Lewis and the WFP, initially opposed to the land grab because of their concerns about the “gentrification” of Brooklyn, quickly turncoated on their Brooklyn neighbors as soon as Ratner offered Lewis a $1.5 million bailout and a 50/50 deal on housing in his future high-end condos. (The Atlantic Yards Report is the go-to source on this never-ending saga).

Also a notable personality associated with the Working Families party you may recognize – White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard. While the liberal media once did all it could to deny that Gaspard ever had any relation whatsoever to the corrupt WFP or ACORN, the truth is, the evidence says otherwise.

Harassment, intimidation, corruption, race baiting, union pandering, back-room deals. That’s progressive, all right.

And so, Matt Damon, as we remember one of the voices of the Working Families Party, I leave you with this final word. Brought to you by none other than Client Number Nine.

[youtube Jmt5Hqy6sa4]

“Progressive values. That’s what the Working Families Party is all about: Progressive values.”

Yeah, Matt. Let’s keep that change alive.

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